IND's Top 10 Featured Products - June 2019

3D Design Power Steering Reservoir Attachment

Inside IND’s walls, there has been a part long coveted but impossible to get…until now. After years of pleading with 3D Design, this highly coveted piece has been resurrected exclusively for IND in limited quantities.


What it Does: Under hard driving conditions, the BMW power steering reservoir is vastly undersized. This fluid quickly expands with temperature and, because of the OE unit’s punitive size, often results in steering fluid leaking all over the engine bay. The 3D reservoir attachment adds 35mm of headroom to the OE piece to help account for this fluid expansion.

The additional benefit of this attachment is consistency in steering feel. Because you virtually eliminate the cavitation between air and fluid (from the OE sized unit), you’re able to restore confidence in feel which, on the track, means everything.


Defining Features: Unlike other kits that require a full reservoir replacement, the 3D unit affixes to the OE reservoir base, making installation incredibly simple. It’s able to achieve all this while managing to look incredibly beautiful in the process.


Future Classic BMW Wheel Spacer Kit

The one thing that’s absolutely guaranteed with Future Classic products is absolute quality. Their wheel spacer has flipped the segment on its head—instead of simply following suit with the rest of the industry, FC engineered their spacer from the ground up, building it precisely to their vision and nothing less.

What it Does: It may seem obvious, but a wheel spacer adds additional track to the front and rear and is often used to compensate for non-ideal wheel offsets, either from the factory or with aftermarket setups / suspension. Future Classic’s variant does this within the most comprehensive package on the market—four hub bolts, race worthy Copaslip copper anti-seize, an anti-seize applicator brush, and of course, wheel bolt hardware is included with every kit.

The hub bolts help ensure you won’t experience the notorious spacer “wobble” from improper installation / uneven seating on the hub surface while Copaslip is the definitive motorsport anti-seize assembly compound. It is trusted by professional racing teams the world over for its incredible working temperature range (-40°C to 1100°C).


Defining Features: Whereas most kits just look like a sliced section of cylindrical aluminum with some holes punched into it, the Future Classic variant has literally been engineered to perform. With careful calculation, additional pocketing has been machined from the spacer to shave unnecessary weight without strength loss penalty. As a result, the Future Classic spacer is the lightest and strongest production unit on the market. Although an almost immeasurable detail, the real ace in their back pocket comes from a subtle, but substantial hubcentric reinforcement. Without this extra step, conventional spacers often shear from this hubcentric ring.

As a direct benefit from working alongside Fall-Line Motorsport in engineering this kit, the test and production unit spacers have been rigorously tested in true race conditions.


Eventuri 991 / 911 Turbo / S Intake

Intakes have long been at the center of criticism for advertised power gains. That is, until Eventuri came along and proved that real benefit can be extracted from every single platform they touch. Their latest creation dives head first into the coveted Porsche market—their 911 Turbo intake looks and sounds the part where most Porsche offerings fall short.


What it Does: Eventuri has always been proficient in creating a smoother airflow path within each intake system and this Porsche effort is no exception. Combined with Eventuri’s patented filter housings, the 911’s turbos are able to spool with less drag. Less drag throughout the system means peak boost is achieved at a lower RPM, resulting in more performance.


Defining Features: Unlike many other Porsche alternatives, the Eventuri version is a completely sealed system that pulls ambient air from the same location as the stock system. Aside from this, you’re greeted with a fully pre-preg carbon engine presentation—the party piece’s accompaniment isn’t too shabby either since all of it has been laser cut from stainless steel and powder coated for longevity.

Eventuri E9X M3 (S65) Carbon Plenum

The howl from the E46 M3 CSL carbon airbox can raise hairs on the necks of every BMW enthusiast. BMW had also produced an uber rare carbon plenum for the E9X platform, but it is a mammoth effort to source. As luck would have it, Eventuri has created their own interpretation to help bring out some of the S65’s glorious induction noise for the general public.


What it Does: Eventuri’s S65 carbon plenum is a direct replacement for the OE unit, taking direct visual cues from BMW’s styling to make it look and feel like an OEM+ upgrade. Technically speaking, the plenum itself is responsible for distributing the vital air required to create the fuel mixture within each cylinder. The carbon trumpets provide a smooth pathway for this air to travel along its journey to create all of the glorious explosions we know and love.


Defining Features: Eventuri actually revised this plenum to be thinner than the original version, allowing more sound to protrude through the engine bay without any rigidity loss to the carbon structure. Whereas some other alternatives on the market have clearance issues with the BMW hood, Eventuri’s OE-inspired styling guarantees this won’t be an issue. You can even fit the OE “M V8” badge on it. Really nice touch.


RKP F87 M2 / Competition Side Skirt Set

RKP’s carbon has become synonymous with being able to infuse the finest details into their products. This keen ability has catapulted them to the top of the industry within an incredibly short period of time. Their take on the F87 M2 / Competition side skirt is no exception, carefully crafting some of BMW’s sill details into their thin profile.


What it Does: RKP’s side skirts add a subtle but defined styling to the side of your M2. The addition makes the car appear wider, complimenting the M2’s muscular proportions perfectly without looking ostentatious.


Defining Features: As aforementioned, the RKP skirts take visual cues from the BMW sill and infuse them into the skirt design, almost creating a visual “mirror” with the sill above. The skirts themselves benefit from a vacuum infusion process during construction, ensuring that despite their thin profile, they are incredibly strong and resilient against road debris. In true RKP fashion, the skirts are finished in an eye-catching 2x2 weave pattern to make onlookers (and fellow M2 owners) revel in their beauty.


Future Classic M14 Titanium Stud Conversion Kit

In a quest for saving weight and taking inspiration from exotic car manufacturers (like Ferrari), Future Classic has crafted the definitive titanium wheel stud for M14-equipped BMWs. Titanium has long been sought after in automotive applications because of its corrosion resistance and strength-to-density ratio, which is the highest of any metallic element.


What it Does: By converting your car to use wheel studs (versus wheel bolts), you effectively make wheel changes a much easier / faster endeavor. A bullet nose tip prevents cross-threading during the wheel installation process. Using titanium means a healthy reduction in rotational mass from the car, which increases street performance.


Defining Features: Future Classic’s unique stud works to succeed where other manufacturers have (literally) failed. A generous shoulder profile coupled with a subtle hub-side undercut helps safeguard against overtightening (and thereby weakening / shearing) the stud at the hub face. FC has also managed to squeeze enough threads onto their stud to ensure you’re able to fit a 15mm spacer onto a compact 80mm body—something you’d normally need a 90mm stud to do. The result is significantly less stud protrusion with the wheel fitted.


3D Design Carbon Shift Paddle Set

3D Design is known for producing the very highest quality aero and accessory parts in Japan. Amongst accessories, their billet aluminum shift paddle set was considered the very best on the market—until now. 3D has taken their aluminum paddle set to that proverbial next level and created a version in exquisite carbon fiber for F and G-series BMWs.


What it Does: These shift paddles are a direct replacement for the OE units with the additional benefit of 30% more surface area and unique styling.


Defining Features: The 3D Design paddle shape has become somewhat of an icon in the BMW community—they fit perfectly in your hands regardless of steering angle and provide a much more satisfying experience versus the OE units they replace. While other paddle options require aftermarket paint solutions, the 3D variants come adorned with either red or silver accents straight from Japan. A finishing clear coat guarantees these paddles stay as beautiful as ever for years to come.

Fall-Line Motorsports M2 Competition Oil Cooler Guard

The S55 was a much welcomed addition to the F87 M2’s chassis—providing that extra oomph M2 owners were after with the added benefit of more robust cooling and power ceiling than thet N55 was able to provide. The addition also (unfortunately) brought over the S55’s achielles’ heel: it’s precariously exposed oil cooler.


What it Does: The S55’s compact design left BMW with some tricky decisions to make in regard to logistics. The oil cooler’s location creates efficiencies, but leaves it open to devastating blows from road debris, leaving you stranded in an instant when all of the engine oil drains away. The Fall-Line oil cooler guard is made from sturdy stainless steel to resist these impacts while allowing for sufficient airflow to the cooler itself.


Defining Features: Whereas others elect to make this guard from aluminum to save weight, doing so defeats the purpose of having a guard at all. Fall-Line’s steel variant has proven time and time again to have saved countless F8X M3 / M4s in all-weather conditions and will undoubtedly do the same for the M2 Competition.


RKP E9X M3 (S65) X-Pipe

Challenge was the undisputed king of the E9X X-Pipe, but they became virtually impossible to procure. With RKP’s timely acquisition of Challenge, they have elected to bring this sought-after piece back in all the right configurations, but with some notable improvements in production.


What it Does: It has to be said that the S65 is one of the best sounding motors from BMW’s M division and the RKP X-Pipe helps it sing on song in all the right ways. By foregoing the secondary (unmonitored) catalytic converters and replacing the primaries with a hi-flow cat (or eliminating them altogether) the S65 screams as the BMW gods would have intended with the added benefit of significant power gains. Win win.


Defining Features: Achieving the perfect sound is all about careful calculation and placement. Where you place the “X” and its accompanying primaries (where applicable) make all the difference here and RKP has it just right. RKP’s production improvements and impeccable welds also guarantee that this X-Pipe will easily be the highest quality piece on the market.

 **Coming Soon**


Eisenmann F87 M2 Competition Performance Exhaust

We’ve talked a lot about the S65 and S55 in this list, but where the S65 has been one of BMW’s best sounding motors, the S55 admittedly is one that needs as much help as it can get. Fortunately for us, Eisenmann has been busy creating the ultimate solution for the M2 Competition, making it roar to redline—a sound that compliments the M2’s eager personality quite well.


What it Does: The Eisenmann M2 Competition exhaust is a direct replacement for the OE unit. Eisenmann’s is available as a rear section replacement or as a complete replacement, allowing you to customize the sound to your liking. Any way you slice it, there are big improvements to be had—flow capacity increases, the sound improves massively, and the Eisenmann canister is a beauty to behold.


Defining Features: Eisenmann always leaves us spoiled for choice when it comes to exhaust configuration, sound level options, and tip/canister finish selections. The valved performance version allows you to control volume via drive mode while the race variant relinquishes this control without making apologies. As a race variant, Eisenmann ditches the dual canister for a single center muffler, giving you the added benefit of a substantial weight loss.

Valved Performance:

Race Performance:

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