3D Design G-Chassis / A9X Supra Carbon Shift Paddle Set

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Drive with the power of carbon fiber right at your fingertips. The 3D Design Carbon Shift Paddles are designed to infuse a sleek and lightweight feel right into the driver’s seat, all with a unique carbon fiber weave.

Made with a dry carbon process, every step that goes into making these shift paddles is meticulous to further ensure quality. With a delicate mille-feuille layering process, carbon pre-preg sheets are formed to a 5mm carbon fiber board through careful heating and pressure.

After this, the paddles are machined from the sturdy yet lightweight dry carbon board. This process is similar to aluminum’s process, but since carbon fiber is so strong, extra time is taken to guarantee quality.

To finish off this impressive process, the carbon shifters are painted in a beautiful clear coat that will not only look great, but also block UV in the process. The end results are carbon shifters that are easy to handle, fit perfectly in your hand, and are as stylish as they are efficient.

Product Details:

  • Sold as a pair
  • Dry Carbon
  • Made in Japan


  • G42 2-Series
  • G20 3-Series
  • G22 4-Series
  • G80 M3
  • G82 / G83 M4
  • G30 5 Series
  • F90 M5 
  • G11 7 Series 
  • G15 8 Series 
  • G01 X3
  • F97 X3M
  • G02 X4
  • F98 X4M
  • G05 X5
  • F95 X5M
  • G06 X6
  • F96 X6M
  • G07 X7
  • G29 Z4
  • A90 Supra

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