About Us


Since we founded our company a decade ago, IND Distribution has operated on one simple guiding principle: all of us at IND simply want to do the right thing, every day.

Every IND staff member understands that the choices we make are a direct reflection of who we are, and it is this respect for details that allows us to do the right thing. This means offering only the best components possible, working with only the best suppliers, giving our clients the best consultation based on sound facts, and always working to do everything possible to make our clients happy for years to come.



To that end, IND has partnered with some of the best manufacturers in Germany, Japan, the UK, and the US. IND will continue pursuing its commitment to bring our clients the highest quality and most innovative components available for European cars, and our position as the exclusive North American distributor for Eisenmann GmbH, 3D Design, Evaero, and Eventuri allows us an opportunity to chase this goal.

Beyond our relationship with these core brands, IND continues to support and maintain extremely strong working partnerships with brands like BBS, KW, Brembo, Recaro, and many others. IND leverages these strong bonds to give our distribution network exclusive access to products from these manufacturers, along with custom products created specifically for IND.

The hand-built Eisenmann exhaust system has become a staple in the European car exhaust market and Eisenmann's commitment to the highest level of build quality, the smartest engineering, and their constant search for new innovations is what allows Eisenmann to stay at the forefront of the exhaust industry for over 30 years.

3D's unwavering commitment to flawless fit and finish, their innovative aerodynamic designs, and their record of choosing only the best suppliers for suspension and performance components have made 3D Design the BMW tuner to beat.

A tailored brand built on 25 combined years of experience in the Automotive industry; Evaero is a collaboration project between Eventuri and Evolve Automotive in the UK. Combining years of carbon fibre experience with experience of multiple project car builds over the last decade, Evaero was born out of a need for something new and fresh in the Carbon Aero market.

Eventuri’s mission is to revolutionize the air intake from start to finish by adopting a new holistic approach to the air intake and its relationship with the rest of the engine. The result is unparalleled efficiency and power. Each Eventuri air intake system has been optimized for fit, finish, and function to enhance the world’s greatest sports cars.

Fall-Line Motorsports is a premiere builder and fabricator of racecars for all levels of competition. Specializing in BMW, Porsche, and other high-performance makes. FLM unveiled their Grand-Am team in 2006 and won the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge GS Championship in 2010.

Future Classic is an exercise in product and visual design; we are driven by craftsmanship, a commitment to quality, and a deep-rooted admiration for the carmakers' glory years that echo the products we proudly produce in the USA.

Though founded in 2012, with more than 20 years of OEM/ODM manufacturing and sourcing experience behind them, Acexxon is able to produce a fit and finish that rivals the OE automotive accessories they replace—a guarantee and aesthetic quality that many manufacturers simply cannot match.

RKP combines real world racing experience, decades of carbon manufacturing expertise, and an extremely close direct working relationship with BMW M to create some of most rare and well built parts available. RKP’s team consists of designers and manufacturers in both Germany and the US.

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