Eisenmann F87 M2 Competition Performance Exhaust - Race

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Today, we are happy to introduce Eisenmann’s own masterpiece, the F87 M2 Competition Eisenmann Race exhaust system. Eisenmann’s Stuttgart-based engineers have leveraged over 30 years of heritage as Germany’s premier exhaust manufacturer as well as decades of experience as OE designers and manufacturers for Porsche and AMG to create the M2 exhaust system.

Eisenmann’s  system is available as a rear section or complete exhaust system, enabling M2 owners to choose their sound level in stages. The complete system will include everything from the exhaust tips to the BMW downpipes, allowing for a bolt-on solution for easy installation and an aggressive sound. Improved flow capacity gives the exhaust system sufficient overhead for future modifications, removing any restriction in the system and enabling the F8x’s S55 powerplant to make even more power.

Optional Upgrade : Black Series finish features a high-temperature ceramic coating, specifically engineered to enhance heat dissipation and provide superior corrosion resistance.


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