The Benefits of Choice: G87 M2 Parts Already in Development

People have been modifying automobiles since about the time they were widely available–and affordable. Custom cars and hot rods were all the rage in the 50s. By the next decade, enthusiasts' eyes had turned towards modifying their vehicles to obtain the same performance and aesthetics of contemporary race cars. The 70s was all about the muscle car in the U.S. while the 80s and 90s ushered in the era of hot imports. However, it wasn't until the the turn of the century that aftermarket parts modifications made it to the average consumer. The Fast and the Furious movie franchise was a bit of a launching point, but TV shows like Top Gear fueled automotive enthusiasm all over the world.

So while demand has been there, it's taken the industry some time to catch up. It used to be that you'd have to wait years for parts to start trickling out for your new car. That's no longer the case. BMW has for years now produced a suite of their own "M Performance" aftermarket parts that are available for purchase shortly after the release of new models. This again holds true for the new G87 M2; except it seems that BMW have taken some of their G87 M Performance parts in a... let's say new direction.

Thankfully, performance parts' manufacturers aren't sitting still and if BMW's own M Performance line for the new M2 isn't quite to your liking, we've put together a list of parts that will likely be available just about the time your new M2 is hitting the showroom floor.

KW Suspensions

The relationship between BMW and KW goes back many years. KW Suspension already produces the M Performance suspension kits available for many models and they are also responsible for equipping BMW's limited production models like the E90 M3 CTR, E92 M3 GTS, and F82 M4 GTS with coilover suspension kits directly from the factory. What's more, KW Automotive and BMW Motorsport share a successful racing partnership as well. KW Racing suspension kits are used in all the customer cup cars like the F22 M235i Racing and M240i Racing as well as the E89 Z4 GT3 and F12 M6 GT3.

The partnership continues today with the G82 M4 GT4 equipped with two-way adjustable KW Racing Dampers while the M4 GT3 has been extremely successful with its five-way adjustable KW Variant 6 Racing Dampers. KW's early access to BMW models during their development is essential for BMW Motorsport's racing success, and–not exactly what we'd define as a byproduct–this early access also provides the groundwork for KW to development their suite of aftermarket suspension options from Height Adjustable Spring (HAS) kits to their most hardcore KW Clubsport Coilover kits. So we can look forward to a great set of suspension options once the G87 M2 lands.

Eventuri Carbon Intake Systems

Eventuri has already spent over a year on development for BMW's S58 engine with the release of the G80 M3 and G82 M4. Considering how much the M3/M4 and new M2 have in the way of shared components, especially the engine, this means that a very high percentage of their development applies to the new platform as well. While the engine is the same, obviously some of the packaging may differ based on space requirements, but rest assured Eventuri will also have access to one of the first G87s in the UK. So we can expect any necessary adjustments to be completed and tested before most buyers even receive their cars.

Eisenmann Exhaust Systems

Eisenmann produced very successful valved and race systems for the F87 M2 Competition and will carry that success over to the new G87 chassis. Due to its position in the industry, Eisenmann Germany will have early access to exhaust configurations; this allows them a head start to ensure proper development and Eisenmann's signature construction and sound profiles.

KMP Drivetrain Solutions

KMP put significant effort into the G8X M3/M4 development program to supply plug and play solutions and multiple configuration options. Again, with the commonality between the G8X and G87 platforms, they will be able to apply that to the new G87 platform so we can look forward to the same options for the M2.

Acexxon Rear Reflector Inserts

Acexxon's simple, yet highly effective solution for the mandated, yet highly distracting rear bumper reflectors have been a huge success especially on BMW's inaugural generation M2. Building on the success of the previous platform and, if press photos are any indication, Acexxon will essentially be the anti-thesis of BMW's own M Performance accessories for the G87 M2 rear bumper. While BMW chose to go a bit of a strange and busy route, Acexxon's very simple modification will immediately clean up the rear-end of the new M2 so our gaze won't be distracted from the amazingly bulbous rear fender flares.

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