Alpha-N's Carbon Aero Program for the G87 M2 is Here!

Alpha-N has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of performance and style. With Alpha-N's connection to BMW Motorsport and their track record of producing high-quality carbon parts, their latest G87 M2 components are no exception.

Alpha assembled a comprehensive aero program for the G87 chassis aimed at enhancing both the model's aggressive styling and, more importantly, offering functional parts that delivered measurable aerodynamic improvements and weight reduction.

Starting at the front of the car and following in the steps of their very well-received E92 M3 GTS front lip, the Class 3 adjustable front lip and splitter combination from Alpha-N is built by hand from pre-preg carbon to minimize weight and maximize strength. The lower partition is adjustable and secured to the vehicle with carbon mounting brackets. The adjustability allows easy changes between street friendliness and a downforce-maximized track setup.

Anyone familiar with Alpha's carbon fenders for the F87-chassis M2 knows that their aero components are truly an exercise of form following function. As aero designs advance and motorsport applications make their way onto road cars, we once again see that Alpha-N is employing a similar design as Porsche for airflow around the front of the car. Much like their previous generation fenders, Alpha's G87 M2 V4 carbon vented front fender set utilize the same louvers and aero blade elements as the new 992 GT3 RS.

As air flows into the left and right coolers in the M2's front bumper and into the wheel wells, thanks to available vented liners, it can then escape out of the front fender louvers as well as the blade openings in front of the doors. The mass evacuation of air from inside the front fenders reduces air pressure, increasing downforce.

Alpha-N's new carbon front 'niere' (German for kidney) grille for the G87 M2 drastically opens up the front end to better match the center bumper grille area. Much like the CSL and GT3 grilles for the G8X M3 and M4, Alpha's G87 carbon grille incorporates a much more aggressive look and is purpose built with a motorsport pedigree.

Like all their hoods, the new carbon vented hood for the G87 M2 is made entirely of carbon fiber with an additional layer Kevlar on the inside, which serves the stability. Taking some queues from their F87 GTS carbon hood and BMW's F87 M2 CS, this vented carbon hood weighs 19lbs, down 7.5lbs from the factory.

Following the full width of the radiator, the vented section is also strategically placed to maximize heat extraction. When combined with Alpha's carbon front grille, you can be certain your M2 will have max airflow and cooling.

Moving to the rear of the car, Alpha-N's new carbon trunk lid for the G87 M2 incorporates BMW's famous CSL ducktail, providing an even more thrilling look while generating additional downforce over the rear axle. Thanks to the carbon construction, it only weighs 11.5lbs vs the 19.5lbs of the factory trunk lid.

Finishing off the aero package at the rear is a 2 part rear diffuser and underbody floor system which also works in combination with Alpha's CSL trunk lid and designed to both increase downforce and reduce drag.

While taking its cues from the G87 M2's existing bodylines, the rear diffuser and underbody floor kit enhance the rear styling to maximum aggression.

Additionally, Alpha-N is offering slightly more reserved front lip options, with their fixed GT and Clubsport versions, as well as vented fenders with varying degrees of aero enhancements.

The Alpha-N G87 M2 Carbon Aero Package is constructed of full pre-preg carbon fiber in a classic 2x2 weave. The components are as lightweight, stylish, and functional as they come; if you’re in the market for G87 M2 enhanced aerodynamic performance, there are no better parts.

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