Introducing the Eisenmann G87 M2 Twin-Flow Exhaust System!

IND’s relationship with Eisenmann GmbH now spans an amazing 15 years, heading all the way back to the release of arguably one of the greatest BMW exhaust systems ever made, the extremely well-received Eisenmann E9X M3 system. With each passing year, we are proud to enjoy an even closer partnership with the storied German exhaust manufacturer.

Eisenmann has had the privilege of designing exhaust systems for every major M car ever created: from their E30 M3 system to today’s latest G-Chassis based M cars, and so we've all been eagerly awaiting the newest design for the G87 M2.

In today's market, it's hard to find a more enthusiast-focused car than what the G87 M2 provides. Being the most affordable M Car also helps the G87 appeal to the widest possible range of BMW M enthusiasts. This does; however, represent a challenge as enthusiasts tend to have a very wide range of styles and goals for their cars. As such, in collaboration with the engineers at Eisenmann, we sought to keep the entry costs reasonable and have a single system produced that could also be a "jack of all trades" and present owners the opportunity to tune their car's sound to their individual style.

At the same time, Eisenmann's exhaust system for the G87 M2 still had to stay true to Eisenmann's build quality and clean sound profile. As such, a specific piping diameter, wall-thickness, and pipe routing for optimized gas flow delivered on Eisenmann's "Driven by Sound" ethos and provided an exciting yet refined appearance. Special care was taken to ensure the canisters were mounted high up into exhaust cavity to avoid being an eyesore and hanging down too low like many systems. This also ensures the exhaust system will not conflict with aero enhancements like Alpha-N's carbon underbody floor kit.

8 months after our initial prototype install, we are thrilled to present the newest Eisenmann exhaust system to M enthusiasts worldwide!

The twin-flow race-derived system retains the OE valve control in order to maintain civility when necessary. In addition, the G87 system includes an optional set of secondary resonator delete pipes to allow for a tailored sound experience that best suits your needs.

Each race system is hand-built from 304 stainless steel and features the G8x's massive 110mm LeMans Tip that includes a unique side cut-out featuring the Eisenmann Signature, finished in either black or silver.


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