Eisenmann G87 M2 Twin-Flow Exhaust System

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All M cars should have theater—they are designed to entertain, baffle, and methodically extract not only mechanical performance, but an emotional one as well. Eisenmann’s success is predicated on delivering a heightened experience through manufacturing hand built, German made exhaust systems—they are responsible for some of the finest exhausts for BMW M cars since the company’s inception in 1988. This vast experience has afforded Eisenmann access to both cutting edge technologies and an engineering staff committed to delivering at or above Eisenmann’s stringent standards.

Instead of coming up with several different designs, Eisenmann's engineers worked hard to build a single system for the G87 that would allow the car to display various personalities. As such, the twin-flow race-derived system retains the OE valve control in order to maintain civility when necessary. In addition, the G87 system includes an optional set of secondary resonator delete pipes to allow the for a tailored sound experience that best suits your needs.

Each race system is hand-built from 304 stainless steel and features the G8x's massive 110mm LeMans Tip that includes a unique side cut-out featuring the Eisenmann Signature.

We are thrilled to present the newest Eisenmann exhaust system to M enthusiasts worldwide!

NOTE: Eisenmann G87 Performance Exhaust System retains OE valve control and includes an optional secondary resonator delete pipe to provide options to best suit your tastes.



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