IND & Eventuri | MPACT Motorsport Festival Best In Show Vendor

The world of automotive enthusiasts is one fueled by passion, performance, and the pursuit of excellence. These elements were all on full display this past weekend when IND Distribution took the stage at the MPACT Motorsport Festival held at the iconic Pocono Raceway in PA. The event, a convergence of like-minded BMW owners from all walks of life, marked a significant milestone for our team.

Just days before, and following an intensive collaboration with Alpha-N in Germany, we completed our latest iteration of the IND G87 M2. The last minute process was demanding, involving air freighting parts immediately after they came out of tooling. As is typical in the industry, our race against time resulted in a profound feeling of achievement, made even more special by a visit from one of IND's original founders who traveled to MPACT from LA to see the project's debut firsthand.

Despite any lingering concerns about COVID's impact on the car scene, the atmosphere at the show was buoyant, with a sense of shared enthusiasm pervading the Eventuri booth. The feedback from both customers and vendors was overwhelmingly positive, culminating in our win for "Best in Show Vendor." It was a recognition that meant a lot to us, a nod from our peers in an industry we love.

The Confluence of Passion and Precision

The MPACT Motorsport Festival has become synonymous with bringing together an eclectic mix of BMW enthusiasts, professionals, and vendors under one "roof"—otherwise known as the big open sky of Ponoco Raceway. We saw this event as an opportunity to showcase our dedication to the craft, bringing our infamous Gelbgrün F87 M2, our British Racing Green G82 M4 previous SEMA car, and our latest (and quickly-approaching most extreme) build: our G87 M2. Months of meticulous planning and coordination went into transforming our M2 into the rolling embodiment of automotive excellence.

The Power of Alpha-N Aerodynamics

At the heart of our latest build lies the comprehensive Alpha-N aerodynamic package, an engineering marvel that seamlessly combines form and function. This suite of upgrades legitimately enhances the G87 M2's performance while also making an indelible visual impact. The carbon fiber components are not just eye-catching but have been precision-engineered to optimize aerodynamic efficiency. From the front splitter that channels airflow to reduce lift, to the aggressive rear wing and diffuser/underbody package that both reduce drag and increase downforce, aiding stability at high speeds. Each element serves a purpose beyond aesthetics.

Unveiling at Pocono Raceway

Pocono Raceway, with its historic legacy, proved to be the perfect backdrop for our showcase. As the 13th Annual MPACT Festival, Jaycent and crew are a well-oiled machine at this point so both the setup and roll-in processes were extremely organized and we were grateful to be able to setup Friday evening. We'd also be remiss if we didn't extend a big thank you to Tommy, Jeff, Matt, and the rest of the ACM team. They were a great help in both some logistics planning and throughout Saturday.

As the sun rose on the brisk morning of the festival, the G87 M2 adorned in all its Alpha-N glory stood as a testament to the intersection of art and engineering. There was a steady flow of foot traffic immediately upon our arrival at 7:30 AM. Automotive enthusiasts and fellow vendors were drawn to the Eventuri booth, where the M2 was a centerpiece of intrigue. Spurring several inquiries was our inclusion of Eventuri's re-launched matte finish G8X intake and engine cover, a prototype G87 exhaust from Eisenmann and prototype roll bar from Alpha-N, a full suite of Fall-Line Motorsports components, KW V4 Clubsport Coilovers, BBS E89 wheels, and the finishing touch of M4 CSL carbon front bucket seats and steering wheel.

The Triumph of Best of Show Vendor

As the day culminated in a flurry of engine roars and tire screeches from the activities on the track, both vendors and participants were vying to leave an indelible mark on the event. When the moment arrived, we were thrilled and honored to receive the most coveted "Best of Show Vendor" award. The culmination of months of dedication, innovation, and relentless pursuit of perfection had borne fruit. The award was not just a recognition of a stunning car showcase, but a celebration of the passion and expertise that defines IND's ethos.

The Legacy of Excellence

This recognition stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and the unyielding pursuit of excellence. Specifically, our G87 M2 served as a beacon of inspiration for enthusiasts and professionals alike, reminding us that the automotive world is not just about machines, but a fusion of art, science, and unbridled passion.

The MPACT Motorsport Festival at Pocono Raceway will always be remembered as a chapter in IND's journey of excellence. The convergence of automotive enthusiasts, the showcase of cutting-edge components, and the crowning glory of winning "Best of Show Vendor" have solidified this event as a cornerstone in the world of BMW appreciation and celebration. As the engines quiet down and the cheers fade away, one thing remains clear: our journey is a reminder that the pursuit of perfection is an everlasting endeavor, and the road to excellence is paved with innovation, passion, collaboration, and a love for this industry.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our Eventuri booth; we look forward to seeing our G87 M2 and G82 M4 at the Bimmer Invasion show coming up in LA, followed by a quick trip to the CSF Select M-Powered By BMW event shortly after.

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