IND x Acexxon G87 M2 Reflector Cosmetic Package


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Introducing our first cosmetic package for the G87 M2! A couple small items that will instantly transform the exterior of your car to a much more sleek look. This simple package combines IND's renowned painted front and Acexxon's rear reflector inserts.

IND's Painted Reflectors are a must to clean up the front eyesores that are the OE amber reflectors and the Acexxon rear inserts replace the M2's red rear bumper reflectors with a sleek honeycomb mesh. The rear reflector inserts blend seamlessly into the gloss black recessed "cut-outs" of the rear bumper; a look that should have been provided from the factory as to not take away from the aggressiveness of the rear shape, while the painted front reflectors ensure no distractions from the front.

Product Details:

  • Fits G87 M2 Models
  • Includes IND Painted Front Reflectors (Reflector Deletes) and Acexxon Rear Reflector Inserts in Gloss Black Honeycomb
  • Exclusively available from IND

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