Top 10 Most Popular Mods for the E46 M3

At launch, the E46 M3 was no ordinary BMW—the aggressive body lines, the power domed hood, and black chrome finish on the factory wheels cumulatively delivered what every enthusiast ordered—and so much more. Even over the course of two decades, the E46 M3 still continues to impress. Everyone who hasn’t had one, still wants one. Everyone who’s had one, wants another.

It remains a benchmark for what an M3 should be and as such, values are continuing to rise. Because of this magnetism, the aftermarket support for the E46 M3 is as strong as ever. In an effort to make it easier to create the ultimate E46 M3, we have hand selected a special batch of ten mods straight from IND’s catalog.

Eventuri E46 M3 Black Carbon Intake System

As one of the earlier systems that Eventuri created, the E46 M3 intake was important in validating their impressive power claims (+10-15hp / +8-12tq). While most other performance gains from intakes are still more fiction than fact, Eventuri has backed up every one of their figures with independent dyno data and an engineering approach unlike any other. The much-welcomed improvement in induction noise is just the icing on the cake.

Karbonius E46 M3 CSL Carbon Airbox

If induction noise is what you’re after, the CSL carbon airbox is going to be tough to beat. BMW’s most coveted variant of the E46 M3 came with an intoxicating engine noise and Karbonius’s version aims to bring that experience to a much wider, global audience. Taking advantage of technological advancements in manufacturing, Karbonius has also made several notable improvements to make the intake all their own—this airbox is both lighter and more efficient in welcoming air into its chambers.

For a truly plug-and-play installation, IND also offers an optional installation kit which includes the OE IAT sensor, CSL air shut-off valve, crankcase vent hose, and SMG reservoir and bracket for SMG-equipped M3’s.

Eisenmann E46 M3 Performance Exhaust

If the first two entries are any indication, the E46 M3 isn’t necessary famous for its exhaust noise. With more than three decades of experience crafting exhausts for the BMW aftermarket and OE Porsche / AMG cars, Eisenmann took aim at curing the E46’s raspy reputation. Suffice it to say, we think they’ve done exactly that—the Eisenmann system transforms the E46 M3’s vocal chords into a sonorous machine. Their iconic LeMans tips are also available on both Sport and Race variants and are, in our opinion, a must.

Future Classic 5x120 Wheel Spacer Kit

Little known fact: One of the first racecars that track tested the Future Classic wheel spacers was an E46 M3. Indeed, the proving ground for what is undeniably the highest quality spacer on the market was the circuit. The fruits of that arduous labor were worth it—it birthed FC’s lightweight design and hub bolt hold down feature. Much like Eventuri did for intake systems, so too did Future Classic restore faith in creating a motorsport-grade product that stands behind its claims: no wobble, no problems.

IND E46 M3 Painted Front Reflector Set

Thanks to the United States Department of Transportation, U.S. spec cars are always blessed with orange reflectors on the front bumper. Any time you’re admiring your E46 M3—whether alone in your garage or showing off at a car meet—the last thing you want is to have anything that sticks out like sore thumb on your car, so paint matched reflectors can be a great way to improve the look of your car.

The process of buying reflectors from IND is that you’re going to get perfectly paint matched reflectors that won’t look “off” when you install them. Each reflector is hand sanded, primed, painted and cleared. They’re also sealed off for ultimate protection and to stay cleaner for much longer.

IND E46 M3 Painted Front Grille Set

After all these years, it’s hard to be different. Fortunately, IND has helped thousands of enthusiasts distinguish themselves from the crowd for over fifteen years. IND’s signature painted front grilles are a sporty, yet classy addition to the front fascia and are available in both gloss and matte finishes to suit your style. Like all IND products, these too come with a paint quality guarantee and utilize an OEM base for flawless factory fit.

Fall-Line Motorsports E46 M3 Harness Bar

Over a decade after their Grand-Am championships, Fall-Line Motorsports has opened the doors to the public, and with it, access to the components that helped propel those victories. Fall-Line’s E46 M3 harness bar encapsulates their renowned motorsport experience into a product that the general public or amateur driver alike can enjoy. Each bar is manufactured from mandrel bent chromoly steel with an 0.083” wall thickness and can be pre-painted by IND to suit your car’s theme. A GT3-style gusset is also available as an optional extra.

Ohlins E46 M3 R&T Coilover Suspension

If there is a perfect blend between daily duty and your HPDE, the Ohlins Road & Track coilover system is it. By its naming convention alone, that intent seems clear. But a motorsport-driven name doesn’t always mean it’ll be up to snuff for true track duty, nor compliant enough for less than ideal road surfaces. Yet this system lives up to its name. There is magic in Ohlins’ Dual Flow Valve (DFV) technology—their damper is able to quickly adapt to the job at hand; with a few clicks, the suspension transforms. Indeed, we believe that the Ohlins damper technology is amongst the best right now and it’s no surprise that E46 M3 owners are turning to the Road & Track set time and time again.

Fall-Line Motorsports E46 M3 Halon Fire Extinguisher Kit

A fire extinguisher is one of those mods that you hope to never use, but if you do, you want it to be both easily accessible and easy to operate. The Fall-Line Motorsports mounting bracket is designed for quick access and conveniently affixes to your pre-existing seat mount holes. While other extinguishers are proficient at putting out flames, Halon 1211 is a unique agent that is specifically formulated for fire suppression amongst costly equipment (i.e. electronics, wire harnesses, etc.) and leaves no residue.

Karbonius E46 M3 CSL Concept Engine Cover

Fittingly enough, we come full circle to talk more about the CSL. Back when the concept car was shown, it debuted with a delicious carbon engine cover to match its plenum. Disappointingly, that engine cover was nixed for the production car and never saw the light of day. Fortunately, Karbonius took to creating their own version made from pre-preg carbon and curved in an autoclave. The result allows all of us—especially in North America—to create the most complete CSL-inspired cars without the six figure price tag.

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