MSS Suspension - A New Way to Approach Suspension

Crowded spaces. That’s often the sentiment when you ask other people in the automotive industry about a newcomer’s odds in the market. Indeed, it’s well known that BMW (or even most European car) enthusiasts are, more often than not, loyalists to proven names. It’s hard to argue with this mindset—pedigreed brands have certainly earned their reputation, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for another upstart. 

While many suspension companies with far longer bloodlines have moved on to produce giant catalogs for multiple applications, MSS Suspension has risen quietly throughout the UK by doing almost the exact opposite: finding specialty applications and filling the gaps left by blue-chip companies. 


The result is a focused catalog for Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Volkswagen that delivers exactly what the customers are seeking: more performance without breaking the bank. MSS is able to achieve this by occupying the relatively new “height adjustable spring” segment—each kit repurposes the factory shock absorber and pairs it with MSS springs, hardware, and adjustment perches. 

Doing so allows the end user to retain all factory electronic suspension tuning amidst gaining valuable ride height adjustment. To ensure both the ride and performance improve tangentially, MSS called upon Eibach, one of the world’s most respected suspension manufacturers, to build each set of MSS springs.

MSS’s entry into the Euro-car aftermarket is a ripe one—it’s an honest realization that although performance models from each marque are often capable of track time, most owners opt to enjoy them about town or occasionally as “dual duty” vehicles. That important and sincere distinction can make track-focused coilover sets (that cost more than 5x the MSS kits, mind you) seem like overkill. And for lease enthusiasts, making four figure suspension investments every three years could start to wear on your wallet.

It’s important to bear this in mind: MSS was never designed to go toe-to-toe with race-worthy suspension—the English upstart was aimed at complimenting them and we think they’ve done a great job thus far. From the packaging, to the spring’s bold Orange finish, down to the adjustment collar sleeves (which act as all-weather guards against road debris), you can really get a sense for just how eager MSS is to shake up the suspension industry. 


IND is amongst the first to introduce this suspension brand to a brand-new audience. It’s our intention to pair these kits with some of our most popular cosmetic enhancements to make the modding process that much easier for our clients. 


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