Forged On UK's Proving Grounds: MMR Performance Now Available At IND

IND's partnerships with some of the best UK companies means that we are on the forefront of bringing proven, unique and high quality components to our customers. We're happy to announce that MMR Performance products are now available at IND!

MMR Performance products are designed by a group of true enthusiasts in the UK with a passion for motorsport. As such, their products are developed and tested in the world's toughest automotive lab: the racetrack. MMR pushes the limits of their products and then refines them to ensure perfect functionality on the road as well as the track. They seek to offer unrivaled quality, performance, and reliability with every part carrying the MMR logo so customers can be certain they'll get the very best from their car.

BMW S55 / N55 One-Piece Crank Hub Upgrade Kit:

Issues relating to the standard three-piece crank hub on the S55 & N55 engine are (unfortunately) widely known, but these are fully addressed with the installation of the MMR Performance one-piece billet Crank Hub together with their included Capture Plate for ultimate security.

The OE crank hub unit's friction plate are known to slip, causing the timing to alter enough that piston-to-valve contact can occur and, if not totally standard and within the warranty period, leaves owners with a very expensive repair bill!

This one-piece Crank Hub together with the Capture Plate ensures owners have complete peace of mind, whether on an untuned factory car or equally for those that wish to increase the power and torque output significantly without ever having to worry again; MMR have engineered the most comprehensive solution on the market and at one of the most compelling price points.

The MMR Performance one-piece crank hub is machined from billet EN36 that's been heat-treated with a 0.75mm case hardening, making it incredibly strong and durable. The one-piece design ensures the friction plates can no longer slip and with a new crank bolt tightened appropriately, this alone delivers the transformational improvement in reliability versus the OE version.

However, then for the ultimate solution which also removes the possibility of the crank bolt loosening with the engine's vibrations or harmonics, they've engineered an additional billet aluminum Capture Plate that securely bolts over the whole head of the crank bolt, making it literally impossible for it to come undone.

Magnetic Oil Sump Drain Plug - M12x1.5:

There's no avoiding it - your engine's contact surfaces wear a tiny amount each time it runs. So it becomes inevitable that tiny ferrous particles become suspended in the oil, making their way around your engine via the oil system for thousands of miles traveling over sensitive components such as your crankshaft bearings or camshaft caps, slowly contributing to increased engine wear.

MMR's Magnetic Sump Plug has a large surface area of the magnetic end help to catch such particles, therefore cleansing your oil allowing it to more effectively lubricate, whilst minimizing future potential wear before it happens. And of course, the harder your engine works, the greater the risk of this nasty metallic debris, meaning the greater the benefit of using a Magnetic Sump Plug.

A nice detail of the MMR plug is the drilled body, allowing a lock wire fitment to the sump if you're using your car in motorsport or extreme conditions, ensuring the plug cannot unwind itself no matter the circumstance. The MMR Performance magnetic sump plug is produced from T6061 lightweight aluminum and is anodized in their trademark finish, and is supplied with an aluminum sealing washer included.

Magnetic Differential Oil Drain Plug - M22x1.5:

MMR Performance applied the same principles from their magnetic oil drain plug to their Magnetic Diff Plug. Yet another simple and cost effective upgrade that will increase your differential's lifespan. Just like your engine, the oil in your diff collects the various metal particles produced by the natural wearing of your differential's internals. Installing diff plugs with a magnet that has a large surface area is an easy solution to preventing accelerated wear; your differential will thank you.

The MMR Performance Magnetic Diff Plug is also produced from T6061 lightweight aluminum and anodized in MMR's trademark finish.

G8X M2 / M3 / M4 Height Adjustable Sport Spring Kit:

Unlike conventional lowering springs, the MMR Height Adjustable Sport Spring kit for the current G87 M2, G80 M3, and G82 M4 gives you fully customizable ride height adjustment. So however you want your car to sit, this Height Adjustable Spring (HAS) kit allows you to infinitely fine tune heights front and rear until you reach your ideal stance.

By retaining the Adaptive M dampers, this solution costs much less than upgrading to a complete coilover suspension - and maintains the function of the sophisticated factory dampers. So you get the best of both worlds: height and electronic dampening adjustability. The method of height adjustment is the same as any coilover suspension. Four adjustable perches fit underneath the Sport Springs allowing for a simple turn up or down on the threaded platform to change your ride height.

This generous sweep of adjustment provides a lowering range of 20-45mm on the front and 10-35mm at the rear (versus the factory ride height). The Sport Springs themselves are finished in a beautiful MMR Grey and use carefully developed progressive rates to match with the damper characteristics of the factory M3/M4 G8x suspension. The progressive rate Sport Springs provide for the perfect blend of improved dynamics in hard driving without sacrificing ride quality.

G8X M2 / M3 / M4 Height Adjustable Sport Spring Kit:

The MMR Performance Lowering Spring Kit is one of their best-sellers. Little wonder, as they've earned a reputation for delivering the perfect blend of improved handling, enhanced looks, yet all without sacrificing ride quality. The 30 front / 25mm rear drop in ride height transforms the car's appearance, getting rid of those nasty wheel arch gaps, it'll look just how it should have come from the factory!

Thanks to the carefully selected progressive spring rates the ride-quality remains unaffected and is actually nicer to drive at slower speeds. But push-on through the corners and the G42 chassis really comes to life, making it feel lighter, more direct and with significantly sharper turn-in. Just what the M240i needs. Go lower or stiffer than these MMR Springs and your car will bounce and crash as the dampers are mismatched to spring-rate, and the springs themselves run out of travel.

Finished in MMR Metallic Grey, the Sport Springs are developed to be fully compatible with cars fitted with either static or Adaptive M adaptive dampers.

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