MMR Performance Magnetic Oil Sump Drain Plug - M12x1.5

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Fits oil pans with M12x1.5 thread.

The MMR Performance BMW Magnetic Sump/Oil Pan Plug is a simple yet effective upgrade that can dramatically increase your engine's lifespan. As an engine wears, tiny metallic particles become suspended in the oil, accelerating wear each time you drive. Our magnetic sump plugs will help to separate these ferrous particles out.

There's no avoiding it - your engine's contact surfaces wear a tiny amount each time it runs. So it becomes inevitable that tiny ferrous particles become suspended in the oil, making their way around your engine via the oil system for thousands of miles traveling over sensitive components such as your crankshaft bearings or camshaft caps, slowly contributing to increased engine wear.

Our Magnetic Sump Plug has a large surface area of the magnetic end help to catch such particles, therefore cleansing your oil allowing it to more effectively lubricate, whilst minimizing future potential wear before it happens. And of course, the harder your engine works, the greater the risk of this nasty metallic debris, meaning the greater the benefit of using our Magnetic Sump Plug.

The MMR Performance Magnetic Sump Plug is produced from T6-6061 lightweight aluminum and is anodized in our trademark gloss black finish, and is supplied with a set of 5 sealing washers included (additional packs of washers can be ordered).

Insist on an MMR Magnetic Sump Plug at your next service!

REPLACES OE PART NUMBERS: 11137535106 and 07119963151

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