ESS Supercharger kit is now available for IND’s full service program

ESS Supercharger kit is now available for IND’s full service program

By combining the beautifully engineered ESS Tuning Supercharger kit, IND’s expert paint and finishing work, and the best BMW factory trained technicians in the Chicago area, IND is prepared to offer a comprehensive, full service supercharging program for the E9x M3.

Our client’s cars arrive in a privately owned licensed, insured, and fully bonded trailer. IND’s facility is prepared ahead of time, with an individual lift reserved for each build, and all of the parts on hand well in advance. By consolidating the entire build and order process, IND is able to smoothly deliver the car directly back to our client’s door, fully completed.

The ESS supercharger kit is a true work of art. The kit features an elegance in design that is unique to the market, with a minimalist approach that reduces the component count and ensures a simple and robust kit. The ESS kit is completely reversible, with an impressively small amount of cutting required to fit the air to water cooling system. Just a few small fins of plastic are removed from the lower most grille, and the rest of the kit is fitted to factory brackets and bolts. The ESS kit is an intelligent mix of components produced in house at ESS, and quality off the shelf components by brands like Vortech, Bosch, Koyo, and Continental.

ESS has painstakingly ensured that every bracket, every bolt, and every part are a precision fit into the already tight E9x M3 engine bay, making for “one of the smoothest aftermarket supercharger installs” IND’s expert BMW techs have encountered in their 15+ years of experience with a multitude of other brands.


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