MMR Performance G-Chassis Gear Shift Paddle Set

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Sharpen up your gearchanges with our exquisitely engineered Aluminium Billet Gear Shift Paddle Set for all BMW G Series cars, F90, F40/44 models, plus Supra 5 J29 with the latest Gen 3 M Performance Steering Wheel. Unlike some cheaper options, these are fully engineered replacements, not just stick-on covers. Doesn't your car deserve that?

Manufactured from Aircraft Grade T-6061 Aluminium Billet our Gear Shift Paddle Set puts you back in control of your M Performance Vehicle, to make grabbing the next gear more intuitive and certainly more pleasurable. This added feel and ease of use make our Gear Shift Paddle Set the natural choice over the slightly disappointing OEM Paddles.

We have developed these paddles with the track in mind, making it easy for you to select gears no matter the steering angle. Because, unlike some stick-on alternatives, we have engineered these to be complete replacement blades, and along with maintaining the OEM Control Unit.

Each paddle starts life as a solid billet of aluminium, giving total rigidity for each gearchange and avoiding the horrible bendy/wobbly feel that less rigid paddles offer.

Our elegant paddle set has been specifically designed with the BMW M Performance Steering Wheel in mind and therefore follows the curves and lines of the wheel itself.

Available in two finishes to complement the interior of your BMW, you have the choice of Titanium Silver or Dark Anthracite Grey.

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