Karbonius G82 M4 Carbon CSL Trunk Lid

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CSL tailgate for the BMW G82 M4 and G22 coupes, reproduction of the original part number (51-19-7-886-180).

It is a piece made of 100% prepreg carbon fiber in an autoclave. The exterior finish comes in a primed finish ready to paint or optionally in 2×2 UV varnished exposed carbon. The interior finish is a matte 4x4 twill weave.

OEM look and construction with perfect fit! We have paid special attention to the anchoring of this piece since many aftermarket body components that exist on the market do not fit well. All accessories will fit without the need for additional work, it is not necessary to trim, drill or sand the piece for correct installation. Includes all the holes necessary for the installation of original accessories, lights, locks, upholstery, etc. CNC robot cutting guarantees the precision and repeatability necessary in a piece of this quality!

Minimum weight! The manufacturing with prepreg and autoclave carbon fiber allows us to control the exact amount of material in the different areas of the piece, reinforcing with additional layers in delicate areas.

All our pieces are numbered and are manufactured in our facilities in Milladoiro, La Coruña, Spain, rigorously following the quality standards that characterize us and under the ISO9001/2015 Quality Management regulations. This guarantees its origin and authenticity.

Product Details:

  • Perfect fit and easy installation
  • 100% prepreg carbon fiber
  • Mold and autoclave curing
  • Exclusive and numbered piece
  • 2 years warranty

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