BMW Motorsport E9X M3 Mirror Set + RKP Mounting Base


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The incredibly lightweight and flawless construction of these pieces is something that can rarely be found outside of professional racing circles, and simply holding the incredible carbon fiber mirrors in our hands was an amazing experience. We knew at that moment that this was only beginning of our journey. The BMW Motorsport mirrors are designed to connect directly with the M3 GTR door panel and have mounting points specifically made to interface with this door. As a result, the mirrors have no way of being fitted to a road going M3.

Over the course of several months, we set out to create a master part entirely by hand. Imitating the curves and contours of the inside and outside of the standard M3 mirror base, we created a base plate that would bolt to an original BMW door on one side, and the BMW Motorsport mirrors on the other. Dozens of man-hours later, our technician carved and sanded his way to the shape we needed, meticulously shaping the inner mounting boss contours as well as the outside shape to perfection.

The final product is a polyurethane base plate which gives a factory-like fit and appearance, and allows us to achieve our dream of installing the genuine BMW Motorsport mirrors from the amazing M3 GTR on a road going M3.

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