Top 5 Early Release Mods for the F97 X3M

BMW’s patented super SUV recipe has been refined once again—the X3M has proven to be one of the most exciting M cars in the current BMW family. Its introduction has, perhaps unexpectedly, sparked an enormous response in the aftermarket world. While many X3M owners will have to wait for a more expansive mod catalog to launch, we’re fortunate to carry a generous helping of mods to make yours stand out from the crowd right away.

MSS F97 X3M HAS Kit Side Profile

MSS F97 X3M Handling Pack with Future Classic Spacers Overhead View


MSS F97 X3M "Handling Pack" Shown - Includes Future Classic 5x112 Wheel Spacers

MSS has quietly taken us all by storm. Their claim to fame is a clever height adjustable spring kit that allows you to raise or lower your X3M (as you’d imagine) without losing the fancy factory shock adjustments. To ensure both the ride and performance improve tangentially, MSS called upon Eibach, one of the world’s most respected suspension manufacturers, to build each set of MSS springs. If you like to have your gourmet cake, eat it, and do it for an extremely reasonable fare, this is right up your alley.

IND F97 X3M Essential Kit

IND F97 X3M Essential Kit Installed - Rear Quarter View

IND F97 X3M Essential Kit Product - Angle View

This COVID-19 situation has made us all a little more conscious about the essentials. With that consciousness came the creation of our own essential pack: a set of IND painted front reflectors, Acexxon rear reflector inserts, and a 4-wheel bundle of Future Classic wheel spacers. At the core, the IND Essential Kit is designed to make maximum visual impact per dollar spent using not only some of our most popular items, but also staples amongst our discerning catalog. Fitment is factory perfect on both reflector replacements and FC’s ever-popular spacers are beautifully machined to true motorsport tolerances, which means no wobble, no problems.

BMW M Performance F97 X3M Carbon Package

BMW M Performance F97 X3M Carbon Package - Angle View

Although the X3M Competition comes with gloss black treatments from the factory, it’s hard to argue that carbon fiber wouldn’t improve the look. As you’d imagine, BMW is first to the punch here. We’ve put together a convenient pack to make sure that you’re hitting the X3M with matching carbon throughout: a gorgeous carbon front grille, side grille set, and more aggressive rear diffuser. For that extra detailed touch, you’re able to option a painted front grille emblem as well.

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3D Design G-Series Carbon Shift Paddle Set

3D Design F97 X3M Carbon Shift Paddle Set - Red Accents

3D Design F97 X3M Carbon Shift Paddle Set - Silver vs Red

While all of the mods we’ve talked about so far have sorted some of the X3M’s visual shortcomings on the outside, you can argue that it’s what’s inside that counts the most. By now, you’re no stranger to 3D Design—they’ve produced some of the most coveted components for over two decades—and their dry carbon shift paddle set is one of the newest additions to that proud catalog. Each set is beautifully adorned with a touch of color on the recessed edge, upshift (+), and downshift (-) symbols. Silver is a perfect subtle touch and coordinates well with the silver OEM steering wheel trim, while red adds a bit of bold, sporting character and flows seamlessly with the factory red accents. The choice is yours.

Eisenmann F97 X3M Race Performance Exhaust

Eisenmann F97 X3M Race Performance Exhaust Side Profile View

Eisenmann F97 X3M Race Performance Exhaust - Overhead Product View, Carbon Tips Shown


What would a mod list be without an exhaust? Eisenmann is one of the first to market with their race system, foregoing the factory valve adjustment in favor of all-out brutal sound.

Eisenmann F97 X3M New 100mm Tip Set, Side Angle View

Coupled with Eisenmann’s new 100mm slant cut tips, the X3M exhaust adds a menacing character to the already aggressive SUV, but it’s at wide open throttle that you’re really able to induce that ear-to-ear grin for you and your four other passengers. While the OEM exhaust is no slouch, this is how the X3M should sound. 



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