The IND G09 XM Hits The Dyno!

Join us for another world first independent dyno (following up on our G87 M2) - with BMW's monster G09 XM. As with many of BMW's new models, the XM has to be seen in person to truly appreciate its presence; and there was something wonderfully entertaining about watching it lumber onto the dyno rollers.

We were back at Performance Eurowerks for the second time in the last month, this time to see what the XM has in store. The first attempt yielded some promising returns as it was cut short and we were forced to add additional strapping to secure the XM onto the rollers. Unfortunately, the excitement was cooled just a bit as we tried to figure out exactly how the hybrid system was functioning while in BMW's dyno-mode. The EPower gauge did ramp up during the dyno pull, but then spiked at 6500rpm which was directly visible on the dyno graph which made us question real-world accuracy.

Our Best Run Pre Break-in - Dynojet 424 - Including EPower "spike":
IND G09 XM: 614.84hp at 6500rpm // 569.14tq at 2380rpm
IND G09 XM Crank (assuming approximate 20% loss): 768hp // 712tq

Without EPower Spike:
G09 XM — 573.49hp at 5790rpm // 516.42tq at 5790rpm
IND G09 XM Crank (assuming approximate 20% loss): 715hp // 645tq

There's no way around it, the results were less than clear. Unfortunately the XM was not fully charged which could have had an effect on the hybrid system functionality on the dyno. We're also not sure if BMW's dyno-mode employs the electric motor differently from its standard operation. We're also not certain if allowing more break-in miles would change the outcome, so we will have to explore our results and possibly reach out to BMW for clarification.

As an aside, we did attempt to get the XM onto PE's corner balance scales, but the scales were having none of it; it's just a bit too portly which we expected. So we may see a trip to a tractor trailer weigh station in our future!

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