The BMW CCA Dream Car Grand Prize: Unveiled with IND Distribution Upgrades

For car enthusiasts, few experiences are as thrilling as the prospect of owning a BMW M Series vehicle. The BMW Car Club of America (CCA) partnered with Turn14 and Thompson BMW in Doylestown, PA to build their latest Dream Car Raffle Grand Prize, making one lucky winner's dream become reality. This unique opportunity offered participants the chance to win an already exhilarating G80 M3 Competition, but then loaded with an impressive set of upgrades. We were excited to once again contribute to an impressive BMW CCA Dream Car build.

The BMW Car Club of America (CCA) has always been dedicated to fostering the BMW community's love for these iconic vehicles. Through their annual dream car raffle, they have taken their commitment a step further with this year's extraordinary BMW Individual G80 M3 Competition in Voodoo Blue; enhanced with a collection of top-tier parts from Akrapovic Exhaust, AST Suspension, BBS Wheels, CSF, Future Classic, IND Distribution, and Michelin.

IND Distribution Upgrades: Elevating the G80 M3

The IND Distribution upgrades bestowed upon the G80 M3 have turned this legendary car into something truly exceptional. These meticulously chosen components enhance its performance, style, and driving experience in ways that will leave every enthusiast in awe. Here's an in-depth look at the IND-provided parts that transform this already impressive vehicle into a true work of automotive art:

  • Acexxon Rear Reflector Insert Set - Honeycomb: IND's Acexxon Rear Reflector Insert Set in a honeycomb pattern adds a distinctive and striking touch to the G80 M3's rear, elevating its aesthetics while eliminating the OE red reflectors.
  • Alpha-N Carbon Hood: The Alpha-N Carbon Hood not only reduces weight but also enhances aerodynamics and cooling, giving the G80 M3 a more aggressive and race-ready appearance.
  • Eventuri Carbon Intake: IND Distribution's Eventuri Carbon Intake system ensures the M3's twin turbo S58 engine receives an optimal air supply, boosting performance and unleashing the engine's full potential while adding a glorious induction noise.
  • Eventuri Carbon Engine Cover: This carbon engine cover showcases enhanced aesthetics with a larger, more symmetrical design that's still lighter than the OE cover. Correcting an odd design misstep from BMW.
  • IND Painted Front Reflectors: The IND Painted Front Reflectors add a custom touch while seamlessly blending with the car's body, removing distracting orange reflectors.
  • Motorsport+ CSL DRL Modules: The Motorsport+ DRL Modules enhance the G80 M3's headlights with a flare of motorsport yellow, contributing to improved visibility and style.
  • RKP Enhanced Clearance Fender Liner Set: This set optimizes the car's wheel well area, allowing for greater tire clearance, reducing tire rub with larger wheels and tires; improving the car's track and stance.
  • Sterckenn Carbon Front Splitter: The Sterckenn Carbon Front Splitter not only enhances the car's front-end downforce but also adds an eye-catching, aggressive aesthetic element.


The BMW Car Club of America's G80 M3 Giveaway, with its exclusive IND Distribution upgrades, was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for car enthusiasts to experience the sheer thrill of owning a high-performance masterpiece. These meticulously curated enhancements, which range from improving the car's aerodynamics to enhancing its style and performance, are sure to leave any car lover in awe.

Congratulations to Joshua Regnaud of the Florida Suncoast BMW CCA Chapter on winning this amazing machine.

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