IND's Top 10 Newest Products - July 2019

RKP F87 M2 / Competition Carbon Roof Panel

Before RKP came along, it would’ve seemed crazy to cut the roof off of your BMW. Thanks to RKP’s diligence and pursuit of perfection, cutting your roof off in favor of their carbon roof has become an enthusiast’s staple. They’ve outdone themselves with the M2 / Competition variant—the M2 carbon roof borrows familial design cues from its M siblings to create a truly unique showpiece that, thanks to its 100% carbon construction, helps shed valuable weight.


What it Does: The RKP piece is a full replacement panel for the factory metal roof, ensuring measurable weight savings while also making a bold statement. Versus its metal counterpart, you are also assured greater chassis stiffness in all driving conditions.


Defining Features: Using the F82 M4’s roof as inspiration, the RKP F87 M2 / Competition roof is easily distinguishable by its signature center channeling—a small OEM-like design detail that makes a world of difference. Like the other RKP roof offerings, the M2 variant is available in both 1x1 and 2x2 weave patterns.



Eventuri E39 M5 Carbon Intake 

The E39 M5 is aging like fine wine, becoming an ever-popular staple amongst enthusiasts’ garages worldwide. Due to this sustained demand, we’re able to enjoy uninterrupted aftermarket support even almost fifteen years after the car ended production. Within that fifteen year period, we saw incredible advances in air induction technology and, thanks to the wizards at Eventuri, E39 M5 owners are now able to enjoy this technological progress with their absolutely show-stopping carbon intake system.

What it Does: Eventuri’s interpretation of the E39 M5 intake system brings a breath of fresh air (no pun intended) to the legacy 5-series platform. Their iconic V2 filter housings are paired with discrete fog lamp induction scoops (a nice E39 touch) to ensure cold air is readily supplied to the S62. The result of this is a healthy 8-12hp dyno proven power bump and an additional 8-10ft/lbs of torque.

Defining Features: The consistent defining characteristic of any Eventuri system is proven power, something that most intake manufacturers have long claimed, but rarely achieved. The otherwise spartan S62 engine bay looks properly modernized with this double dose of carbon at the front. Oh and if you’re not the hood popping type, the more pronounced glorious V8 intake bark will let onlookers in on what may lurk beneath.



Future Classic E9X M3 / E82 1M M14 Motorsport Hub Retrofit Kit

Every once in a while, a product comes along that solves a problem that many of us have just dealt with incessantly. For E9X M3 guys, it’s become customary to carry additional M12 studs, just knowing that they’ll inevitably break on track. Happily, you can save the trunk space thanks to Future Classic’s new kit. The fix comes in the form of F8X M3 / M4 hubs which are built to accept the much beefier M14 hardware, allowing the driver to focus at the task at hand—confidence in equipment is everything at the limit. But more than that, the hubs provide a welcomed weight reduction, dropping 2.6lbs of rotational mass from the car (an effective 31 pound sprung mass diet).


What it Does: The M14 hub retrofit is one of those rare “win win” opportunities to modify your car for the better while also doing a little maintenance at the same time. Future Classic aimed to price the kit aggressively as well—the complete set of M14 hubs are pennies more than simply replacing your worn hubs with factory E9X equipment. And with these cars getting on in age, it’s likely time to do them anyway.


Defining Features: FC’s hubs are immediately distinguishable because of their unique finishing—each corner is moly-coated as a sacrificial layer of corrosion protection and helps reduce wear and coefficient of friction. The front hub hardware has been upgraded to 12.9 to stand up to further track abuse while the rest of the kit, in true Future Classic fashion, has everything you’ll need for front and rear replacement, all the way down to brand new hub bolts. It’s the little things.


RKP F87 M2 Competition Carbon Front Lip

The M2 Competition. So hot right now. And so is the brand new carbon front lip from RKP. This is, quite literally, a brand new release—the first production piece was fitted to a car late last week. The verdict? It is immediately one of the best choices on the market with intricate design details, impeccable fit and finish, and a striking, uniform weave.


What it Does: After seeing the lip on the car, it’s hard to imagine one without it. The RKP M2C lip adds personality, protruding forward to shape the atmosphere it cuts through—both for downforce and to direct fresh air toward the brakes.


Defining Features: Blending both CAD design and hands-on, old school craftsmanship has afforded the RKP M2C lip the opportunity for sophistication—there are design nuances that really make you appreciate the eye for detail. That aside, RKP’s commitment to provide a truly complete kit (it comes with pre-applied double sided tape, a hardware kit, and mounting bracket) makes installation a breeze. 


Future Classic 5x112 Wheel Spacer Kit 

Admittedly, it’s been odd to see BMWs with a 5x112 bolt pattern, but it seems like many of the German marques are trying to (finally) coordinate. After storming the industry with their now iconic 5x120 wheel spacer, Future Classic has brought the 5x112 community a version they can enjoy.


What it Does: It may seem obvious, but a wheel spacer adds additional track to the front and rear and is often used to compensate for non-ideal wheel offsets, either from the factory or with aftermarket setups / suspension. Future Classic’s variant does this within the most comprehensive package on the market—four hub bolts, race worthy Copaslip copper anti-seize, an anti-seize applicator brush, and of course, wheel bolt hardware is included with every kit.

Defining Features: Designed specifically for the F90 M5, the spacer pocketing perfectly mimics the factory wheel—a nice design touch that also guarantees strength and load rating to also accommodate the new X-series cars. The beautiful machine work that FC fans have grown accustomed to receiving is directly carried over and are available in two popular sizes to start—12 and 15mm—which ensures a robust hubcentric design can be utilized.


Pagid F87 M2 Competition RS29L Brake Pad Set

Pagid is synonymous with high performance, supplying both the OE (Audi, Bugatti, Ferrari, and Porsche) and aftermarket with a wide array of compounds to meet a variety of motorsport demands. While the M2 Competition represents the newest BMW foray, the RS29L (recently renamed) is a tried and true all-around compound that provides the driver with consistent in-stop behavior and good pedal feedback.


What it Does: While the M2C wears substantial brakes (calipers, rotors), the OE-supplied pads are purely designed for street use and therefore carry very subdued characteristics: average pedal modulation, average pedal feel, and are susceptible to fade. By contrast, the Pagid RS29L is made for drivers who expect more from their pad in dual duty environments. Because the particular pad demands are much more acute, the RS29L can deliver specific features (exceptional pedal modulation, excellent release characteristics, low heat conductivity, etc.) that drivers crave.


Defining Features: All else constant, the RS29L promises to deliver better and predictable brake performance than OE. In fact, across the entire operating temperature range, the pads offer up an incredibly consistent coefficient of friction (between 0.41 and 0.44). But more than performance, the RS29L is readily available for the M2C, which isn’t always the case for race-ready compounds.



RKP E9X M3 GTS Alcantara Armrest Delete

The OEM E9X M3 GTS armrest is a highly coveted, lightweight piece. The improvement was not just with weight—the delete was a visual treat that gave users a generous workspace to row gears without obtrusion. The problem? The $1,500 price tag. RKP exhaustively examined a factory GTS example to carefully recreate not only its proportions, but also its textural look and feel. Genuine Alcantara adorns the arched façade, while our carefully sculpted lightweight insert provides an assuredly snug fit into the E9X’s factory armrest cavity.


What it Does: The RKP armrest delete does exactly what the title promises to deliver—it’s a clever, lightweight, and low-profile insert that won’t interfere with your most visceral driving practices while adding a little motorsport flair to your interior.


Defining Features: The RKP support mimics the OEM GTS wedge to the “T”, running lengthwise through the armrest cavity for the most assured fit.


Eisenmann Le Mans Carbon Tip Set 

The iconic Eisenmann tip design is now available with an eye-catching carbon outer shell. This exciting update comes at the heels of another refresh from the German manufacturer: the launch of their new F8X M3 / M4 race exhaust. Together, this dynamic duo represents Eisenmann’s commitment to deliver products that the enthusiast community demand.


What it Does: The Eisenmann Le Mans carbon tips provide the finishing touch to the aural and visual experience. Happily for current Eisenmann owners (with removable tip systems), the new tips can be purchased separately and changed out within minutes for a brand new look.


Defining Features: The Le Mans tip is a defining feature in itself, handcrafted and rolled with a beautiful textured finish. A subtle laser engraved “E” adorns the top of each tip, giving owners an easy reference during installation while also giving onlookers a premium design detail that could have otherwise been omitted from other manufacturers.


BBS Wheels: New FI-R Finishes Available

On topic of giving customers what they’ve been asking for, BBS has now introduced two brand new finish options for their flagship FI-R wheel: bronze and diamond black. The former is a welcomed compliment to BBS’s traditional gold, whereas the latter is a dynamic finish that shows off its multi-faceted nature in different lighting situations. In either case, the bold styling of the FI-R wears both finishes handsomely.


What it Does: While diamond black is a legacy offering for the proud wheel manufacturer, bronze is an exciting addition to the BBS family. Although it made its debut on the iconic LM, the bronze finish communicates an entirely different message on the FI-R.


Defining Features: Diamond black is demarcated by its depth and range, much like a traditional diamond. Although the bronze finish carries a more consistent demeanor, its color richness defines its personality.

 **Coming Soon**



Eventuri F90 M5 Shroud Set

 The Eventuri F90 M5 system can already tout proven power gains, but that didn’t stop Eventuri from trying to improve it further. The new shrouds seal the F90’s filter housings completely, converting the intake to a true closed system. This improvement guarantees more consistent air volume and lower air intake temperature (AIT) throughout, yielding even more dependable power in spite of ambient temperature variations.


What it Does: The revised F90 M5 shrouds mate up flawlessly with Eventuri’s V2 filter housings. Inside, the decidedly more directed airflow interacts with the inner and outer filter cones to produce an even velocity profile which inherently harvests more power and torque on any given application.


Defining Features: As aforementioned, the consistent defining characteristic of any Eventuri system is proven power, something that most intake manufacturers have long claimed, but rarely achieved. But more than that, the advent of this shroud set also indicates something else: an unwavering commitment to constantly improve, even on products that are already considered a massive success.


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