IND's Journey to Bimmer Invasion L.A. and the West Coast Road Trip Home

The automotive world is full of passion and enthusiasts who share a deep love for their cars, especially when it comes to performance vehicles like BMWs. For those who bleed BMW blue, violet, and red, events like Bimmer Invasion Los Angeles are nothing short of a paradise. This year, IND had the privilege of attending this iconic event, showcasing their exclusive partnership with Eventuri in a spectacular booth that turned heads.

The Show

Bimmer Invasion is more than just a car show; it's a vibrant and dynamic gathering of BMW enthusiasts who come together to celebrate their shared passion for these ultimate driving machines. Held in the heart of Los Angeles at Irwindale Speedway, this event was an opportunity for the West Coast Bimmer scene to show the rest of the country that no one else does it quite like they do. It was more than just a melting pot of all things BMW. From classic to modern and modified to stock, the quality of BMW builds was on another level. This year, IND had something special in store for Bimmer Invasion attendees – a dazzling display in partnership with Eventuri.

The Eventuri Experience

Our Eventuri display at Bimmer Invasion was a sight to behold. Showcasing our G87 M2 and G82 M4 with Eventuri's world-class products, the booth also featured a stunning lineup of BMWs, each meticulously customized with Eventuri intakes and other accessories. The blend of modern design, precision engineering, and stunning aesthetics is a testament to both IND and Eventuri's dedication to the BMW community.

Visitors to the display were treated to an up-close look at the Eventuri intake systems, renowned for their performance gains and exquisite carbon fiber construction. Attendees could see, touch, and feel the exceptional quality that goes into every Eventuri product. Furthermore, our team was excited to be on hand to answer questions and share insights about Eventuri products, their installation, and the performance enhancements they offer.

For those who attended Bimmer Invasion and stopped by the IND and Eventuri booth, it was an unforgettable experience a chance to witness the ultimate in BMW customization and performance enhancement. It also reaffirmed IND and Eventuri's commitment to delivering the latest top-notch products to the BMW community. We look forward to future Bimmer Invasion events and having even more chances to celebrate our passion for the ultimate driving machine!

The Road Trip Home

We'd be remiss if we didn't take the opportunity to enjoy a bit of a road trip as we transported the cars back from the West Coast. Since we're located in the Midwest–in what is basically the flattest part of the country–we were able to enjoy some very scenic drives with our M2 and M4. We hope you enjoy some of the photos!

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