Expanding the Family: Welcome Fall-Line Motorsports and Future Classic

Fall-Line Motorsports and Future Classic join IND Distribution’s selective Family of Brands.

True to IND Distribution’s long-standing credo to curate the highest quality and most innovative components, we are proud to welcome these two new Chicago-based brands to our family. Both Fall-Line and Future Classic exude excellence and help add unique elements to our core brands. As a collective, our family of brands—of which we hold exclusive distribution—now represent a fantastically well-rounded product offering to our discerning clientele.

From years of competitive race experience (starting with their Grand Am debut in 2006), Fall-Line has become synonymous with producing not only championship caliber race cars, but the finest suspension components that help propel them to victory. We at IND have played an integral role in translating these unique race components into a successful parts program for both street and track cars alike.

In contrast to Fall-Line’s motorsport tenure, Future Classic was born as an exercise in product and visual design for the modern enthusiast. Their design aesthetic and commitment to quality has resonated with BMW and Porsche fans worldwide and it’s that same excitement that has powered a meteoric demand for their burgeoning component arm. IND has been at the forefront of recognizing this brand and helped introduce more fans to FC’s unique offerings.

While IND has always been on the pulse of the current generation BMW M car, leveraging the relationships with both Fall-Line and Future Classic will allow us to dream up new ways to excite the BMW aftermarket, both in terms of what lay ahead and for the cars we have adored for ages.

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