Building the Ultimate G8X: Top 10 Must Haves Mod List

We're past talking about the G8X front grille design. As with BMW's previous design changes; sometimes it can be polarizing, but eventually the community unifies around the aftermarket to start making amazing looking builds. As such, we decided to help enthusiasts get their G80 M3 or G82/G83 M4 builds going with some of the must have modifications currently available.

LCK BMW M Carbon Bucket Seat Bolster Protector Set

There was a great deal of excitement over BMW's new M Carbon Bucket Seats—and with good reason. The design and functionality is the most aggressive and race-ready that we've seen from BMW. The aggressive bolstering ensures no lateral movement while cornering and when you factor in the unique color options and carbon construction, you're left feeling that you're sitting in a truly special place.

The only downside is going to be heavily worn bolsters from getting in and out of the car over time and the last thing you want is to ruin these expensive works of art. Each bolster protector is designed to match the contour of the carbon bucket hip bolster and is comprised of leather and Alcantara stitched in the same style and layout as the factory seat cover. Each protector is easily installed in seconds by wrapping the hook and loop fastening straps around the lower bolsters for a seamless look.

Motorsport+ G8X M3 / M4 CSL Yellow Daytime Running Light LED Module Set

One of the special details of the new BMW M4 CSL are the motorsport yellow daytime running lights. Evoking the look of GT racing cars, the BMW Laserlight headlights with yellow running lights bring a touch of the racetrack to the front of the new BMW M4 CSL. Both in the welcome sequence triggered when unlocking the doors and when the low and high beam headlights are switched on, the angular daytime running lights illuminate in yellow rather than white.

Now you can bring the same motorsport detail to the front of your G8X M3 or M4 with new LED boards for your Daytime Running Light modules.

IND G8X M3 / M4 Essential Kit

Fondly referred to as gateway mods, this Essentials Kit gives you an opportunity to get acquainted with IND as a renowned, trusted BMW tuner. Each painted reflector pair is available to suit your personal style, and we have taken the liberty to package Future Classic’s spacers into “recommended” and “aggressive” fitment categories to eliminate any guesswork. We are proud to bring you only the very best modifications for you and your M - each of these modifications are celebrated for their impeccable commitment to quality, fitment, and performance.

RKP G8X M3 / M4 Enhanced Clearance Front Liner Set

While BMW left plenty of room to lower the ride height of the new G8X M3 and M4, they unfortunately did not leave enough clearance between the front wheels and the front fender liners to adequately space out the wheels for an ideal stance. The result is a brand new M3 or M4 with wheels that look sunken into the fender arches.

The issue stems from the clearance between the front wheel and the cooling fins behind the heat exchangers mounted in the front bumper. In factory guise, trying to fit anything larger than 12mm spacers would result in rubbing when turning the vehicle. This was especially problematic in reverse as the downward angle of the fins would cause them to snap off when contacted by the tire.

The RKP front liner set includes both left and right front liners that have been professionally modified to enhance the clearance where the heat extractors are located. And since OE BMW liner cores are used, these modified liners will fit just like your factory liners.

AutoTecknic G8X M3 / M4 Single-Piece Front Grille Options:

Replacing the horizontal-slatted OE front grille with one of AutoTecknic's offerings will drastically improve the front-end appearance of the new G8X models. The grille style from the M4 CSL or GT4 and GT3 race cars yields a much more aggressive look that really sets the car apart; especially when combined with a front lip and lowered stance.

AutoTecknic offers a number of single-piece grille options so you can choose what fits your style. The single piece units have been found to have a slightly better and more uniform fitment during installation and AutoTecknic offers several options in the CSL / GT4 style as well as their GT3 inspired Motorsport V2 grille.

Eventuri G8X M2 / M3 / M4 S58 Black Carbon Engine Cover

The BMW M3/M4 is one of the flagship vehicles from the Munich stables and so deserves to have an engine bay that looks as good as it performs. With the OEM cover leaving the engine bay looking unfinished, Eventuri redesigned it to bring much needed symmetry and give the engine a more complete aesthetic. The new engine cover extends across the charge-cooler while still allowing for sufficient heat dissipation with added venting. Crafted from prepreg carbon fiber, Eventuri's engine cover is a direct replacement using the OEM mounts.

We are also offering the option of a pre-applied BMW M Power silver decal to match the OE lettering size and placement.

Karbonius G8X M2 / M3 / M4 Carbon Front Strut Brace

While the F8X M3 and M4 received a huge carbon fiber strut brace that was not only incredibly strong, tying the front strut towers to the front core support, but incredibly beautiful as well. Unfortunately, though it was also an extremely functional piece, working with the space and cost constraints, BMW utilized a stamped steel 2-piece strut brace package for G8X cars.

Karbonius has taken it upon themselves to fully redesign the G8x factory front strut brace and replace it with an autoclave cured, 100% Prepreg carbon fiber tubular system, thus reducing the joints and possible weak points. Unlike most other G8x strut braces on the market, the unique 1-piece v-brace doesn't use weaker multi-piece jointed designs or off-the shelf carbon tubes inserted into chassis mounts.

In addition to increasing rigidity, Karbonius has also shaved over 5.5lbs of weight when compared to the factory piece. Besides the performance benefits, the enhanced aesthetic is almost worth it on it's own, it may just rival the beauty of the factory F8x carbon brace.

3D Design G8X M3 / M4 Carbon Front Lip

3D Design chooses not to focus on time and cost, but instead concentrates on detail and accuracy and it shows. The 3D Design carbon front lip practically fits better than the OE components available for the G8X M3 and M4. Along with the flawless fitment also comes the flawless carbon weave that you expect from the Japanese Tuning Company. 3D Design's front lip provides a clean yet significantly more aggressive look and also includes optional carbon splitters and canards for an even more menacing appearance.

Eventuri BMW G8X M3 / M4 Black Carbon Intake System

Eventuri carried out intensive R&D to develop an intake which not only improves on the stock M3/M4 but also is future proof in its capacity to cater for high powered builds well in excess of 1000hp. The system is a complete redesign from the airboxes to the turbo inlets with the aim of reducing pressure loss while increasing the flow rate and keeping inlet temperatures low. They have maximized the usage of the available space to employ 2 custom made filters with a 40% larger filtration area than stock. These are used in Eventuri's patented venturi housings to smoothly funnel the air to the turbo inlets. The inlets themselves are up to 160% larger in cross sectional area than stock and are designed with an advanced dimpled inner surface to reduce frictional losses between the flow and the wall boundary. By allowing a “cushion” of air at the wall surface, airflow is able to move through the inlets at higher flow rates with reduced pressure loss. This allows the turbos to draw air with less resistance and therefore reduce the wastegate duty cycle resulting in higher overall performance.

KW Coilover G8X M3 / M4 with EDC Cancellation Kit - Variant 4

The KW Variant 4 was developed exclusively for supercars, sports cars and performance oriented sedans. With coilover struts made from stainless steel or aluminum, depending on the vehicle design, you give your super-sports car the necessary equipment to further increase the driving dynamics in everyday life. The triple-adjustable high-performance dampers combine leading race technology to allow the independent adjustment of the rebound and the low-speed and high-speed compression damping. The G8X kit offers a lowering range of 20-35mm front and rear as well as all Variant 4's adjustable rebound, low speed bump, and high speed bump dampening.

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