Breaking Bad - Silverstone E90 M3!

Breaking Bad – Silverstone E90 M3!

I have been in the local European car scene for over 10 years. I have met some great people during the journey, many turned into long friendships and I even have been the best man for a few weddings. All because it started from one single passion for these cars and grew from there.

Adam with his Silverstone E90 M3 is no different. We have met up at local events and have talked about our cars and goals for hours as I myself, also have an E90 M3. Here is where we started to discuss things to make an silverstone M3 sedan his very own.

We started off getting some unique wheels for him. Volk offered a special magblue color TE37 in the M3 fitment that he saw and wanted it right away. Then he was interested in lowering the car without ruining the ride quality has this is his daily driver. As i have raved about the KW Sleeve Over kit previously on my car, he also went this route and could not be happier.

Next up, making the car sound a bit more aggressive to match the looks. Since it was a daily driver and Adam must take phone calls for work, we agreed on Eisenmann Sport for his needs.

Adam wanted to break the mold and try some items from Arkym. He ordered the hood, front lip and rear diffuser in carbon fiber. He then decided to paint the rear and front lip in gloss black to give it more of a smoother look, we agree as it came out looking great! Following that, we ordered him the double sided carbon fiber Challenge bootlid and painted it bodycolor with a little carbon fiber exposed. As a finishing touch the car received the IND cosmetic package that included painted reflectors, gloss black front grilles and gloss black side grilles.

His car is now complete and we still meet up to hang out at the local events or at the IND shop. Only problem now is that his car looks much more aggressive than mine. Adam, its time to brainstorm ideas for my car now! 

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