Born to Perform: AMS Performance A9X Supra Program


As their name would suggest, AMS Performance is no stranger to extracting every ounce of speed from every chassis they touch. Their approach to the A9X Supra is no different—they have committed to developing three separate A90 chassis suited to very specific purposes to ensure their products perform well in every environment. Now that’s dedication.

We at IND feel privileged to offer AMS’s full suite to our eager Supra community as it becomes available. In addition to the go fast bits, AMS has developed a slew of cosmetic enhancements to satiate those that want some “show” along with their “go”.

AMS Performance A90 Supra 3” Charge Pipe

On turbocharged vehicles, removing induction restriction is crucial to improving the airflow and ultimately horsepower output of the engine. The AMS Performance A9X Charge Pipe is a direct replacement for your flimsy plastic OEM unit. Made from lightweight 3” mandrel bent aluminum tubing, this pipe includes features such as smooth adapter transitions for improved laminar flow, and built-in ports to make adding nitrous or methanol injection systems simple.

Compared to the OEM piece, the AMS pipe is bead rolled for high boost sealing and the whole unit is powder coated matte black for a sleek, OEM+ appearance despite its performance ceiling.

AMS Performance A90 Supra Stainless Downpipe

Catless version shown above for maximum performance

Despite its early arrival to market, AMS’s A90 Supra Stainless Downpipe is still the best performing and most durable on the market. Thanks in part to its 4.5” diameter, power comes in earlier and turbo spool-up is significantly improved. The long, gradual transitions within the mandrel bent 304 stainless pipe section allows exhaust gasses to maintain velocity without a buildup of back pressure inside of the system.

As you’d expect given its bolt-on installation, the oxygen sensors remain in their factory positions, eliminating the need for spacers or jumpers. A catted version is also available.

AMS Performance Anti-Wind Buffeting Kit

One of the most glaring shortcomings from the A90 Supra has nothing to do with its driving prowess—it’s the wind noise. AMS has developed a clever solution to the dreaded wind buffeting above 50mph. This kit affixes to the factory mirror base and is available in a variety of finish options (gloss black, matte carbon, or gloss carbon) to either blend in with your OEM equipment or make a bold statement.

AMS Performance A90 Supra Carbon Engine Cover

IND exclusive gloss finish shown above

Modeled directly from the OEM piece, this AMS Performance A90 Supra Carbon Engine Cover is a massive improvement to the otherwise spartan bay—it adds a generous slathering of 2x2 twill to the top of the B58 while managing to also shed over half the overall weight as compared to the plastic piece it replaces. The gloss finish is an IND exclusive to better coordinate with other engine bay enhancements and a matching DME cover is also available should you want to accessorize even further.

AMS Performance A9X Supra Heat Exchanger

Whether you live in a hot climate region, enjoy drag racing, or long high speed pulls on airstrips, the AMS Performance Toyota A9X Supra heat exchanger will help keep your intake temps lower and thereby maintain maximum power output no matter the conditions. Boasting a 122% fluid capacity versus the OEM unit, you will experience improved thermal stability (thereby reducing heatsoak) so you can go faster for longer.

The AMS heat exchanger is one of the most effective on the market to date, but also is guaranteed to fit like OEM despite a 54% increase in core volume and the aforementioned 122% fluid capacity. 5mm tall louvered fins provide exceptional cooling efficiency and its CNC machined 6061 T6 aluminum construction ensures it is built to cope with all the power you have to throw at it.


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