The New, Popular, and Overlooked: M Car Products to Buy Right Now

IND’s sale events are always a great time for us to highlight some of our most popular products, but also it gives us a chance to showcase some mods that we feel have been (unfairly) overlooked. Here's a break down some of our newest, most popular, and perhaps overlooked items that should make it into your cart over the holiday weekend. Happy shopping!




OVERLOOKED: 3D Design Power Steering Reservoir Attachment

Working directly with 3D Design Japan, we’ve resurrected the ultimate power steering reservoir and a fresh stock have arrived just in time for Black Friday. If there’s one area where BMW has consistently skimped, it’s the power steering reservoir’s punitive size. Under hard driving conditions, the power steering fluid quickly expands with temperature and, because it has nowhere to go, often results in steering fluid leaking all over the engine bay. The 3D reservoir attachment adds 35mm of headroom to the OE piece to help account for this fluid expansion. No mess. Better steering feel. Easiest install on the planet. Unbeatable quality. Get yours today before they’re gone again.



POPULAR: Future Classic BMW Wheel Spacer Kit


Speaking of unbeatable quality, Future Classic’s wheel spacer for 5x112 and 5x120 BMWs have taken the industry by storm. Before FC, there was never a reason to consider a spacer an engineered piece, but after handling (and using) these, they are undoubtedly the lightest, strongest, and highest quality kit available today. There is simply no other spacer that can boast real-world motorsport testing and this attention to detail. Beautifully machined, impeccably finished, and zero wobble makes this an instant favorite and makes a huge impact, whether on summer or winter wheel setups.



NEW: IND Carbon Floating Wheel Center Cap Set


BMW’s popular floating caps have now been given the IND carbon fiber treatment. If you’ve already upgraded your roundels to our carbon versions, this center cap set ensures you can carbon fiber all the things in matching style. These are available in both 72.6mm and 56mm diameters, so a huge variety of BMWs (both new and old) can enjoy them.




F87 M2 / Competition


OVERLOOKED: Fall-Line Motorsports F87 M2C Oil Cooler Guard


Stranded. The word alone makes us cringe. Indeed, the M2C (despite being a new car) is prone to leave you in this predicament if you’re not careful enough—the S55’s oil cooler placement leaves it susceptible to impact, and because of this, a very real possibility to drain away all of your oil in seconds. At the very least you’ll need a new oil cooler, but you can imagine the cost of repairing an engine that ran without oil. Get yours before it’s too late.



POPULAR: Brembo F8X M2 / M3 / M4 GT-S Big Brake Kit


Brembo’s latest GT-S kit has been making waves in the M2 market of late. In terms of where it ranks, the GT-S kit is positioned between the long-standing GT and GT-R sets, but by no means does that mean it’s some mid-grade compromise kit. In fact, it’s one of our new favorites—the GT-S’s unique gunmetal 6-piston caliper with the vintage Brembo typeface is downright handsome and it’s got the performance to match.



NEW: AutoTecknic F-Chassis M Inspired Complete Mirror Housing Kit


Okay you got us—this isn’t a new product, but a welcomed addition makes it worthwhile to revisit. Now in addition to the options available currently (mirror color, tinted LED signal), you’re able to add European aspherical glass to your retrofit. This clever bit of kit allows you to see objects that would likely otherwise be in your blind spot without interrupting any of the OEM aesthetic. With the glass, the AutoTecknic kit feels like a much more complete package and one that makes a big difference on N55-equipped M2s.




F8X M3 / M4 


OVERLOOKED: Eisenmann F8X M3 / M4 Black Series Performance Exhaust


The Black Series was introduced for the E9X M3, but looks even more striking on the M3 / M4’s chiseled and sculpted canisters. In Black Series form, it’s a system that makes you want to find excuses to get underneath your car just to admire its aesthetic and it’s one of the few that can extract the best from the long-criticized S55. While all of Eisenmann’s tips fit this system, you’d be amiss to not add their newest carbon LeMans style to it to complete the stealth look—they make an absolutely beautiful addition to not only the system, but your car in general.



POPULAR: RKP F82 / F83 M4 Side Skirt Set


After an incredibly successful F80 M3-specific version, IND’s F82 / F83 M4 carbon side skirt set has followed suit. Each skirt has been sculpted to appeal to a wide but discerning audience, walking that fine line between OEM+ and subtle aggression. As with the F80 variant, the design, mold and manufacturing is completed in RKP's US facility to guarantee quality and perfect fitment.


F80 M3 version:



NEW: Fall-Line Motorsports F8X M2 / M3 / M4 Tow Strap (M Tri-Color)



It’s the details that count: Fall-Line’s black motorsport tow strap is now available with a tri-color stripe to add a little extra M flair to your car or perfectly coordinate with your competition seat belts. You’re also able to option them with painted front and rear tow hook covers to sport them on the street.




F90 M5


OVERLOOKED: KW Suspensions Variant 4 Coilover System


Surely your M5 doesn’t need coilovers—it’s overkill for what you use the car. But you’d be wrong. KW has been in the suspension game for decades now and they’ve developed what they call the “Variant 4” specifically for performance sedans like the M5. KW’s shock technology is far superior to the OEM equipment—even for strictly street use, the ability to dial in performance when you need it and comfort when you don’t is a luxury bestowed onto Variant 4 owners. Taking it out for more spirited driving widens the gap between OE and KW even further; the Variant 4 is the real deal.



POPULAR: Eventuri F90 M5 Carbon Intake System


Gone are the days where intake systems are just engine bay eye candy. Now a fully sealed system, Eventuri’s intake guarantees uninterrupted airflow and consistently low IATs through cold air saturation. Roughly translated, this thing makes real power. Induction noise is also amplified, which will have you dialing back that volume knob to experience the intake in all its glory.



NEW: IND F90 M5 Essentials Kit


Truthfully, we’ve started to notice a pattern across the board with new BMW owners. In response, we’ve created a package we call our “Essentials Kit” to help make it easier to get what you need and provide a fitting intro to some of IND’s most popular products: Acexxon rear reflector inserts, IND painted front reflectors, and two sets of Future Classic spacers (front and rear) to help make the most dramatic difference for your super saloon. You only get one chance to make a great first impression, after all.




F97 X3M / F97 X4M 


OVERLOOKED: BMW F97 X3M Carbon Strut Brace Retrofit


Early adopters of BMW’s latest M SUV were left unloved in the engine bay—a plain aluminum strut brace was fitted instead of the beautifully updated carbon version. It’s one of those little details you can’t un-see after noticing it and the carbon variant coordinates perfectly with the carbon details on the engine cover. Luckily for Black Friday hopefuls, we have sourced the carbon piece for immediate fulfillment.



POPULAR: IND F9X X3M / Painted Front Reflector Set


IND painted reflectors: the quintessential first mod for the past decade and for good reason. OEM cores are treated to IND’s signature process and lovingly finished with OEM quality paint that is guaranteed to match. For that extra bit of paint protection, you can add a pre-applied ceramic pro coating before shipment.



NEW: Eisenmann F97 X3M / F98 X4M Race Exhaust


Make no mistake, the latest offering from Eisenmann will make your X3M / X4M sound like an absolute monster. The race variant means minimal restriction and weight are welcomed benefits alongside a roaring soundtrack. For a slighter tamer experience (if you dare call it that), this X3M / X4M exhaust is also available as a rear section unit only. In either case, the gamut of Eisenmann’s 4x90 tips are compatible with this system and a brand new 4x100 version is in the works. Pre-order available now.




F92 M8 


OVERLOOKED: Future Classic Brushed Aluminum License Plate Frame


Future Classic’s ultra-high quality, hand-brushed aluminum license plate frame is a thing of beauty and is the only plate frame that actually comes with matching, anodized hardware. Much like the rest of FC’s product line, this frame is machined to perfection with drop sink areas for the hardware and an ultra-slim profile. If the standard anodized black brushed or raw (silver) brushed aluminum aren’t your thing, you can also opt for an IND paint matched version as well.



POPULAR: IND F92 M8 Painted Front Reflector Set


The prototypical first mod is now available for the all-new M8. Within hours of their release, they’ve been hard to keep in stock. As you’ve come to expect from our in-house painted products, strictly OEM cores are utilized and treated to our signature process. M8 owners will appreciate that you can also add a pre-applied ceramic pro coating before shipment.



NEW: Eventuri F92 M8 Carbon Intake


Eventuri has taken their extensive experience with the F90 M5 system and the coveted S63 engine to create an intake for the all-new M8. Eventuri’s intake is proudly one of the first available for the M8 market and is destined to make a lasting impact—it is still the only intake company that has consistently proven real world power gains in addition to looking absolutely phenomenal in the engine compartment.


E9X M3 


OVERLOOKED: RKP E9X M3 Carbon Front Lip – GT Style


You might be more accustomed to calling this lip by another name—Challenge. After RKP acquired Challenge a couple years ago, they spent ample time to revisit this E9X staple to ensure it reflects RKP’s stellar reputation for carbon production and fitment. We’re happy to report that the lip is even better than the original—we love that it’s one of the few that actually extends all the way to either end of the bumper and it’s a refreshing choice amongst a sea of similar looking options.



POPULAR: Future Classic E9X M3 Reinforced Trailing Arm Set


Preventative mods: It’s strange to think that a mod could be considered preventative maintenance, but this one fits the bill. The OE arm is known to fatigue over time and buckle without warning which can be, at the very least, inconvenient or downright devastating. Surprisingly, FC’s version is one of the very few offerings on the market given the potential consequences—this set is reinforced for greater rigidity for worry-free operation. Adding Future Classic’s trailing arm bearings at the same time (we recommend it) helps improve suspension articulation and confidence and don’t add any NVH. Must have mod.



NEW: IND E9X M3 Ultimate Intake Package


This is for the E9X M3 owner that wants the very best. As its name suggests, the package is comprised of components that we would put onto our own cars—a mix of mod and maintenance in one to ensure you’re able to experience that incredible S65 in worry-free glory. This exclusive IND bundle includes the Eventuri carbon inlet plenum, Eventuri intake and airbox lid, Future Classic powder-coated valve cover set, and the Future Classic service pack kit.


The result of these modifications is an engine bay presentation that befits the extraordinary character of the S65, and the discerning ownership behind it. In place of all the aging plastics is a sea of glossy carbon fiber and an aural experience that can only be rivaled by the OEM CSL airbox from the E46 M3. The magnesium valve covers, which are often peeling (outside and inside) and in some cases leaking, are tossed aside in favor of new factory units. The covers have been given the Future Classic treatment—powder-coated to perfection in a beautiful wrinkle finish for that perfect OEM+ look. Black and Red are available at launch to satisfy both subtle and colorful tastes, with custom colors available by request.

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