RKP F80 M3 Carbon Side Skirt Set


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When it comes to carbon fiber, RKP Composites are the ones to beat. Known for creating pieces that are as effective as they are stylish and unique, they have emerged as an industry leader of top quality US and German-made carbon fiber products. What really made them stand out? RKP’s approach to exterior accessories: it so perfectly followed BMW’s design, quickly setting the brand apart from their competitors.

With this impeccable dedication to design in mind, IND is excited to provide RKP’s Carbon Fiber Side Skirts for the F80 M3. From designing the side skirts, to making the mold and final production, everything was completed in RKP's US facility. The side skirts are constructed using a vacuum infusion process, which is one of the strongest ways to build a composite laminate. This strength is derived from an excellent carbon fiber-to-resin ratio, with no voids in the finished laminate. The end product is a solid, one piece construction using only non-commercial, high-grade carbon fiber. With the process being done in the same facility from start to finish, part validation and vehicle fitment procedures can be conducted with ease; when it comes to the final product, quality is guaranteed.

The side skirts mount to the vehicle via 10 self-tapping screws and double sided tape that is pre-applied on each side skirt.

Carbon Weave: 2x2 


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