Vorsteiner E92 / E93 M3 GTS-V Carbon Rear Diffuser

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The GTS-V is the powerful and newly redesigned rear add-on diffuser that also takes evolutionary design cues from the popular and sought after VRS rear diffuser Type I. This newly redesigned rear piece completely updates and freshens the look of this sports coupe with its subtle and very purposeful shape and styling cues.

The features of the GTS-V rear diffuser starts at the top where we have integrated a dual splitter element that balances the proportions of the rear bumper and immediately identifying itself as the latest generation of Vorsteiner products. To further improve upon the functionality and balance out the additional down force created from the front of the GTS-V spoiler the central diffuser fins were further extended downwards and reshaped.

Models Supported
2008-2013 BMW E92 / E93 M3

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