Vorsteiner E46 M3 V20 Carbon Replacement Front Splitter - 1-Piece

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Continuing the celebration of our 20th anniversary we decided to redesign a modern version of the V-CSL Carbon Fiber Program for the BMW E46 M3. The new V20 program incorporates dual acorn shaped snorkels into the front bumper with a redesigned one-piece front spoiler. The Hood is double sided Carbon Fiber and features raised left and right vents to extract hot air out of the engine bay. The rear diffuser now features dual diffuser elements increasing airflow across the diffuser. The V20 will be a limited production run of 103 units, paying homage to the impressive horsepower per liter that the BMW E46 M3 delivered.

Each E46 M3 V-20 piece is crafted using their 1x1 weaved pre-preg autoclaved carbon fiber and produced in the U.S. at their California facility!

NOTE: Carbon front splitter is a single piece.

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