TRE G87 M2 Carbon ID-01 Rear Spoiler


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Designed specifically for the 2023 G87 M2 and 2022+ G42 2 Series models, TRE are pleased to release the ID-01 Rear Spoiler.

This has been designed and developed here in the UK from the ground up using inspiration from the CS and Performance styles. This is exclusive to AUTOID and it's dealers only.

It features a sharp edging and curvature that wraps around the edge of the boot. The shape adds on a much needed aggression to the back end of the G42 (whilst integrating perfectly with the already aggressive G87 M2) and looks perfect for any build, a small change or a complete transformation. It's the perfect combination.

Like the other G87 M2 and G42 2 Series Spoilers from TRE, it features the same high-quality pre-preg carbon fibre. It is the lightest, strongest and highest quality manufacturing method possible, OEM level.

Straight out of the box this Spoiler is ready to install, it comes pre-applied with 3M double-sided tape and an adhesive promoter. Install will take roughly 30 minutes and then an hour for the tape to set, and you are ready to go!

Product Details

  • 1 x TRE Pre-preg Carbon Fibre ID-01 (pre-preg, 2x2 weave) Rear Spoiler
  • 3M Double Sided Tape (pre-applied)
  • 1 x Adhesive Promoter

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