TRE G87 M2 Carbon Front Splitter with Winglets


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Designed and developed in the United Kingdom, TRE has set the aftermarket styling benchmark for the BMW G87 M2 platform.

The carbon fiber front splitter, shown here with the 'winglet' option, is the perfect blend of sporty, track inspired design with an original-manufacturer feel. It's what the vehicle should have been delivered with from the factory.

The splitter benefits from a 3-piece construction, which enables rapid repairs or replacements in the unlikely event of an accident on road, as TRE offer replacement of individual pieces. Saving you from the cost of replacing an entire front splitter when accidents happen.

Naturally, the entire product is constructed from premium 2x2 twill pre-preg carbon fiber. AutoID in the UK has created a YouTube video showcasing the construction method we use so you can see how it's made.

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