Studie BMW Team Courtesy Lamp Lens Set


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Established in 1995, Japanese BMW tuner Studie AG has been recognized around the world for its stylish and adventurous tuning projects, in addition to it's Super GT racing team. Many of these projects have displayed their creative flair, while having the project vehicle retain the overall feel of being a BMW. Throughout the company's existence, they have also made a number of Studie-specific lifestyle and automotive accessories available to their customer base.

Sharing the same passion for BMW and motorsport as a company, IND has teamed up with Studie AG to bring parts from their product line to our clients in America and around the world.  

The Studie Courtesy Lamp Lens Set makes entering your M Performance door projector equipped vehicle an experience all on its own, via a projected Studie image displayed on the ground beneath the front doors. Direct replacement for the existing puddle lights. Each kit comes with two lenses. 

Product Details:

  • New Studie courtesy lamp lens set (2 lenses)
  • Requires genuine BMW M Performance door projector:
    • 63 31 2 463 924 (50mm)
    • 63 31 2 468 386 (68mm)

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