RKP GTS High Wing Mount Set


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Don’t let your rear wing fall short. Get your GTS wing out of the dirty, turbulent flow by taking it up a notch with the RKP GTS High Wing Mount Set.

Compared to the GTS rear wing, which was positioned only 6.5” away from the trunk surface, the RKP’s high mount will elevate your rear wing to new heights. The result? Your rear wing will be exposed to clean, laminar airflow, improving performance greatly. The RKP mounts are constructed from billet aluminum, and are designed to minimize weight while being a direct fit to the M4 trunk. The mounts are finished in the same grey as the original GTS mounts, giving you a sleek, streamlined aesthetic. For something that will look as good as it works, the RKP High Wing Mount Set is the way to go.

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