RKP F82 M4 Carbon Rear Wing


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RKP Composites has emerged as an industry leader of top quality US and German-made carbon fiber products. RKP was responsible for bringing M3 GTS and M3 GT4 racing parts to US M3 owners, and has pursued only the best components for BMW M cars since. From bespoke exterior solutions for the M5 and M6 to the most popular rear diffuser for the new F8x M cars, RKP has consistently delivered first rate fit, quality, and style to BMW M cars.

RKP’s new F8x M3/M4 wing uses a similar mounting solution to the original BMW M3 GTS wing, with special reinforcements to firmly affix the wing to the BMW trunk lid. The aerofoil shape has been modified, with a larger chord, slightly more aggressive wing camber, wider profile, and larger end plates than the original GTS wing, the new RKP wing has been modified to produce more downforce at a lower speed than the original part.

This wing is hand built to order at RKP’s German manufacturing facility, and is available in CFRP or CRP material for high strength and low weight. Fully adjustable aluminum stands allow the driver to tailor the wing profile to suit their particular racing environment.

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