RKP F10 M5 Carbon Splitter Set - McRae Style


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Each part IND provides is something we’re excited about, but when we can bring the enthusiast community’s vision to life, it becomes that much more special. By taking a component from an M5 fan’s mind, creating a prototype, and finally producing a finished product, the RKP F10 M5 splitters became a true labor of love; that’s why we are especially proud to provide it to you.

The RKP splitters for the F10 M5 were designed to mimic BMW’s own Performance splitters for the E9x M3 chassis cars, but with RKP’s usual attention to detail, the base part is enhanced to respect the original body lines of the M5. Special attention was paid to the sharp crease present in the side openings of the M5 bumper, and a sweeping transition gives the splitter a complex but elegant reflection in any light.

The splitter is available in 1x1 plain weave, 2x2 twill weave, pre-painted in any color and a host of custom options. Each splitter installs to the M5 bumper with double sided tape along the top edge. By re-using original BMW mounting hardware along the bottom, you’re ensured a perfect fit and an extremely secure installation. The splitters are flexible and light, while still being reinforced in critical mounting areas with 12k woven carbon for additional strength. This part is truly unique, and will resonate with enthusiasts around the globe.

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