RKP F06 / F12 / F13 M6 Carbon Front Lip


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When it comes to RKP, you never have to worry about quality; it's always top notch. RKP has done it again with their new front lip for the F06 / F12 / F13 M6. The finished look is tastefully assertive, taking its styling cues from the M6's already long and elegant lines.

Each RKP front lip for the new M6 is hand built from 100% carbon fiber, and is available in a plain (1x1) or twill (2x2) weave. Extreme care is taken to ensure that each lip has an excellent weave pattern and alignment, with no misweave or flaws. 

Installation is accomplished using 3M adhesive tape, and fasteners that are already present in the front bumper. No drilling is required to install the front lip, and no new hardware is used.

DIY installation instructions and photographs are available here:

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