RKP E9X M3 GTS Alcantara Armrest Delete


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BMW’s E92 M3 GTS was an exercise in pushing limits—it was launched as a purpose built track tool and as such, weight reduction was paramount in achieving the very best possible lap times at circuits worldwide. BMW’s comprehensive diet led them to spawn a highly coveted arm rest delete panel, doing away with the E9X M3’s bulky articulating piece in factor of a no-fuss, Alcantara covered insert. Indeed, the improvement was not just with weight—the delete was a visual treat that gave users a generous workspace to row gears without obtrusion. Unfortunately for us, this piece came with an eye-watering price tag of $1,500.

In order to bring this rare gem to a larger E9X 3-Series and M3 audience, RKP exhaustively examined a factory GTS example to carefully recreate not only its proportions, but also its textural look and feel. Genuine Alcantara adorns the arched façade, while our carefully sculpted lightweight insert provides an assuredly snug fit into the E9X’s factory armrest cavity.

The delete panel is a beautifully minimalist addition for the perfect GTS-inspired interior for all E9X 3-Series and M3 models. Its press fit installation allows for easy removal to access all available ports (USB, AUX, 12V socket) below when necessary.


Product Details: 

  • Deletes the factory E9X articulating armrest to save weight
  • Genuine Alcantara covered lid and GTS-inspired insert
  • Press-fit installation
  • Made in Germany

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