Ohlins Cayman GT4 CS (981) TTX-PRO Pro-level Performance


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  • System offers independent rebound and compression adjustment via a separate compression and rebound knobs. System can be upgraded to three or four way adjustability.
  • Target Ride Height Reduction - 15mm
  • Spring Rate
    • Front : 120
    • Rear : 140



    TTX-PRO Pro-level Performance for your Sports Car.

    Life is meant to be lived fast and with beautiful things. You set your own rules and make sure everybody knows it. Your eye for detail shows in everything you do, and more importantly, in the way you drive. Together with Öhlins TTX 36 Club Sport dampers for Audi R8, every ride will be of Grand Touring Racing quality. Our dampers are developed straight from the GT3 racing shock absorbers, giving you a true “out of the ordinary” driving experience. With a car like the Audi R8, you don’t settle for less than perfection.

    We know you like the looks you get as you cruise the streets or wake up the city with the simple touch of the gas pedal. Attention breeds confidence, and with Öhlins TTX 36 Club Sport dampers you’re able to ride fast yet feel safe and comfortable while achieving top performance. What more can you ask for? With the 2-way adjustable function, you’ll be able to fine tune the handling characteristics to be the king of any race track. Be unstoppable, experience perfect, and we’ll see you out on the road.




    Porsche Cayman GT4 CS (981) - 2016-2017

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