MMR Performance G20 M340i / 330i Lowering Spring Set

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The MMR Performance Lowering Spring Kit is one of our best-sellers. Little wonder, as they've earned a reputation for delivering the perfect blend of improved handling, enhanced looks, yet all without sacrificing ride quality.

The drop in ride-height makes a huge difference to the handling characteristics: by lowering the M340i & 330i G20's center of gravity, it reduces body roll for better dynamics, whilst maintaining the ride quality and comfort of your car.

Thanks to the carefully selected progressive spring rates the ride-quality remains unaffected and is actually nicer to drive at slower speeds. But push-on through the corners and the G20 chassis really comes to life, making it feel lighter, more direct and with significantly sharper turn-in.

Meanwhile, the car's appearance is transformed. Our development has resulted in the springs providing a drop at both front and rear of around 30mm. By getting rid of those nasty wheel arch gaps, it'll look just how it should have come from the factory!

Go lower or stiffer than these MMR Springs and your car will bounce and crash as the dampers are mismatched to spring-rate, and the springs themselves run out of travel.

Finished in MMR Metallic Grey, the Lowering Springs are developed to be fully compatible with cars fitted with either static or Adaptive M adaptive dampers, and available for xDrive and RWD versions. A must-fit for any M340i, 330i G20!

Product Features:

  • Fits 2018+ G20 M340i and 330i models only
  • Carefully optimized spring rates for improved driving dynamics
  • Designed to be compatible with Adaptive M and static factory dampers
  • Applicable to saloon/sedan only
  • Lowers vehicle by 30mm front | 30mm rear
  • Powder coated in MMR Metallic Gunmetal Grey for a durable finish

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