MMR Performance BMW Wheel Stud Kit - M14x1.25

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Remove and refit your wheels regularly? Then you’ll know how frustrating the factory wheel bolts can be: lining up the bolt holes, bashing your calipers with the wheel, trying to avoid cross-threading the bolts. All while balancing the weight of the wheel.

The MMR Performance Stud & Nut Kit gives a stronger fixing method than using the original wheel bolts. Plus they’re a much quicker method to swap wheels for motorsport/track use as well. For all cars with M14x1.25 nuts - from BMW F&G-Series and Mini F56 onwards.

Product Details:

  • M14 x 1.25 heat treated high carbon steel stud with chrome plated finish
  • Lightweight M14 x 1.25 7000-series aluminium open-ended nuts with gloss anodized nuts
  • Internal 6mm allen stud drive for accurate fixations
  • Knurled outer collar for much easier finger grip
  • 8mm of unthreaded stud shank for brake disc clearance
  • Oversize 19mm nuts – greater surface area for contact & ease of use


  • Max Vehicle Weight 2500KG
  • This is not a ‘Locking’ or Security solution
  • As with all anodized finishes, do not clean these nuts with aggressive acidic or alkaline cleaners otherwise the finish will be damaged.
  • Use only pH balanced cleaners (ie, non-acid, non-alkaline, non-solvents). Never use ANY type of wheel cleaner or any chemicals including abrasive compounds on the nuts. We recommend washing with water and mild soap. We advise against using commercial carwashes who use aggressive chemicals such as TFR.

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