MMR Performance BMW / Supra 5x112 Wheel Spacer Kit

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Improve the aesthetics and dynamics of your BMW G-series with the MMR Hubcentric Wheel Spacers & Bolt Kits. As one of the most cost-effective modifications you can make to your car, these 12mm or 15mm lightweight aluminum spacers will give your vehicle a wider stance to improve both handling and appearance. The Hubcentric lip makes for precise location onto the car’s hub, avoiding run out and vibration through imbalance.

MMR’s Hubcentric Wheel Spacers & Bolt Kits are one of the best and most affordable upgrades you can make to your BMW. Once installed, the increased track width not only improves your car’s appearance, but also enhances driving dynamics with greater stability.

By physically moving the wheel further away from the hub, these spacers give your wheels the desired offset needed to create the stance or look you desire, flush with your wheelarches, whilst also providing the additional clearance necessary to fit over bigger brake calipers or coilovers.

The MMR Spacers are sold in pairs in your choice of 12mm or 15mm in width, including ten grade 10.9 Carbon Steel replacement black wheel bolts with each pair. It's essential that these longer bolts are fitted - not all spacers come with these included. By selling in pairs, you can mix your spacer widths front to rear to allow you achieve your perfect stance.

Whichever width you select, the MMR Spacers are of a Hubcentric design, meaning that they are machined with an alloy spigot to make for perfect centering whilst maintaining the OE 66.5mm centre-bore for the correct fitment with factory or aftermarket wheels. The Hubcentric lip ensures precise location onto the car’s hub, making them easier to fit and less prone to vibration through imbalance – all experts strongly advise against any wheel spacers that aren’t of this Hubcentric design on a performance car.

Of course, the obsessive manufacturing quality and design details of these Wheel Spacers are what you'd expect from MMR. They are precision machined from heat treated aerospace aluminum 7075 T6 for increased strength and durability, plus significant weight savings compared to cheaper steel or 6000-series spacers.

The coating is beautiful black-anodizing to protect the aluminum from road dirt and corrosion. This surface treatment avoids the risk of "bonding" to the wheel or hub that can happen with cheaper finishes over time, and combines with the design of the rear mounting faces which feature cut outs to make removal easy even after thousands of road miles.

Finally, the subtle laser-etched ‘MMR’ logos are a nice finishing touch, just visible through your wheel spokes.

Product Specs:

  • Sold in pairs for 1-axle
  • Spacer widths: 12mm or 15mm
  • Material: Aluminum 7075 T6
  • PCD: 5x112
  • Centre Bore: 66.5mm
  • 10 black bolts included: M14 x 1.25

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