MMR Performance BMW MT Billet Gear Shift Knob

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Make changing gear a pleasure with the MMR Performance Billet Gear Shift Knob. Not only does this new billet, heavyweight gear shift knob look great in your car, but it also adds some valuable function too. With its solid billet construction and added weight, your gearchanges becomes smoother and faster.

MMR’s Billet Gear Shift Knob is a beautiful, hardwearing weighted gear shifter for all BMW manual gearbox cars.

CNC Machined from a solid billet of aluminium, then lovingly hand-polished and anodised in glossy, hardwearing midnight black. Unlike many factory or aftermarket leather shift knobs, this metal version will withstand years of use without wear or deterioration.

The lovely cool, smooth finish of the shifter will not only feel great in your hand. Weighing in at approximately 300 grams / 10.5 oz, the added inertial mass makes gearchanging effort noticeably lower whilst speeding up the throw at the same time.

The MMR Gear Shift Knob gives you a choice of top to finish: two die-cast 'coins' are provided with each kit. This allows you to select between a conventional 6-speed shift pattern or a neat MMR logo option.

Fitting is simple: by using a modular threaded insert design, this shift knob is compatible with all BMW manual cars. A neat threadless adaptor collar is included with set screws for rigid fitment onto the shaft to ensure no looseness or twisting can occur. One of the simplest but most pleasing upgrades you can make to your car!

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