MMR Performance BMW B58 Charge Pipe Kit

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The MMR high-flow charge pipe kit includes everything you need to improve the performance, reliability and aesthetics of your F20 or F30 B58-powered M140/240/340 or M440.

With increased boost pressure the B58's cheap standard plastic pipework can be prone to splitting or cracking - it's more a question of 'if' than 'when' you'll experience boost leaks.

By fitting the MMR lightweight aluminum replacement Charge Pipes you can be assured of reliability even at significantly increased power outputs.

The smooth bore mandrel-bent pipework has been CFD-optimized to ensure greatly improved airflow versus the OE setup. The rigid pipes also prevent any deformation of the pipes under load or vacuum, another problem that the OE pipes can suffer from. This focus on ensuring smooth flow ensures that the MMR charge pipes will not only improve reliability, but also improve throttle response and ultimately, power output.

Finished in a durable crinkle black finish, contrasted by laser-etched MMR logo detailing, the MMR charge pipes look just as good as they fit and perform, and are an easy fit, direct-replacement for the OE pipework.

The MMR High-Flow Charge Pipe kit includes all you need for installation: the two high-flow aluminum charge pipes with CNC leak-free connections, silicone coupler hose, c-clip and required jubilee clips.

The hard pipes also feature a handy 1/8” bung for the easy addition of either methanol, or water injection.


  • Two high-flow aluminum charge pipes with CNC leak-free connections
  • Silicone coupler hose
  • O-ring gasket
  • C-clip
  • Jubilee clips
  • x4 Throttle body bolts

B58 Chassis Applications:

  • F20/F21 1-Series
  • F22/F23 2-Series
  • F30/F31 3-Series
  • F32/F33 4-Series
  • G30/G31 5-Series
  • G32 6-Series GT
  • G11/G12 7-Series
  • G01 X3 M40i
  • G02 X4 M40i

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