MMR Performance BMW B58 / B57 Stainless Steel Oil Filter

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The oil filters on BMW’s B58 & B57 3.0 6-cylinder engines (both petrol and diesel) suffer from a well-documented quality problem with the factory paper-element oil filter. At service time, when removal of the filter is attempted, the bottom section frequently breaks away from the disintegrated filtration material. This leaves the broken base stuck in the oil filter housing and an expensive removal/replacement job to extract the remains and fit a new housing. Such is the problem that there’s even an official BMW technical bulletin to warn their dealers of this.

The MMR replacement Oil Filter is a pretty special replacement filter. It fixes this annoying problem once and for all. The MMR Oil Filter element is made from a pleated high-flow stainless steel micronic filter cloth – a medical grade material guaranteed to filter out oil contamination right down to 20 Microns, ensuring far better protection than paper-based filters can achieve.

As well as this exceptional filtration, the filter material allows for five times the flow of comparable paper oil filters. Its design provides consistent filtering across entire filter surface.

The failure of the factory oil filter generally just leads to a large bill to extract the damaged remnants. However, more worryingly, it has occasionally been known to lead to broken pieces of filter media running through the small oilways and orifices of the engine’s lubrication system, risking blocking the oil running round the bearings and VANOS system and causing much greater mechanical damage before it is caught.

The MMR Oil Filter is a reusable unit which can be used over and over again. As long as it is thoroughly cleaned at each oil change, it will last the lifetime of the vehicle and keep on protecting the engine just as it did when new. However, proper cleaning is not necessarily a DIY job, as it requires the use of a suitable solvent to break down the old oil, and cleaning from the inside out with compressed air to remove any risk of debris remaining. If you have any doubts about this, we recommend as best-practice to change filter with every oil-change.

Works with factory filter housing or the MMR Billet Filter Housing MMR17-1502.

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