MadTrace F-Chassis Clubsport Magnetic Shift Paddle Set - Gloss Carbon

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The ALL NEW JQ Werks Madtrace® Clubsport Adjustable Magnetic Paddle Shifter System is manufactured from CNC machined 6061-T Grade Hard Anodized Billet Aluminum cage, Neodymium Magnet, and high-strength integrated 4mm-think Carbon Fiber plates. JQ Werks Madtrace® Clubsport Adjustable Magnetic Paddle Shifters will bring you a significantly aggressive driving experience with our engineering design.

This system has been designed explicitly with the BMW, Mini, and Toyota Supra Steering Wheel, providing outstanding fitment and true plug & play installations. The shifters are track oriented. It is built to make it clear and satisfying to select gears no matter the steering angle. Due to its natural characteristics, the shifter will have a more robust and speedier snap back into positions. In addition, it makes a clean "click" noise every time you shift, making the ride more joyful.

The JQ Werks Madtrace® Clubsport Adjustable Magnetic Paddle Shifter for BMW, Mini, and Toyota Supra allows the user to adjust the angle and distance between the paddle shifter and steering wheels. Assembly instructions are on the back of the box.

Product Details:

  • 2x Complete Adjustable Magnetic Paddle Shifter Units
  • 2x Formula-Style Carbon Fiber Paddles - Gloss Finish
  • 2x GT-Style Carbon Fiber Paddles - Gloss Finish
  • New Hardware For Steering Wheel Application
  • 1x Allen Key

F-Chassis Applications:

  • F87 M2 / M2 Competition
  • F8X M3 / M4
  • F85 X5M / F86 X6M
  • F20 1-Series
  • F22 2-Series
  • F3X 3 / 4-Series
  • F25 X3 / F26 X4
  • F15 X5 / F16 X6
  • F48 X1 / F39 X2
  • I12 i8

Mad Trace

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