Macht Schnell E9X M3 / E82 1M Solid Aluminum Subframe Bushing Kit

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Created to reduce unwanted flex and as an improvement over the spongy stock bushings, and used on M3 GTS/CRT as well as M5/M6, Macht Schnell’s Solid Aluminum Subframe Bushing kit is just the ticket. Bushings are Machined from 6061-T6 aerospace aluminum to provide a firm, solid suspension mounting point from subframe to vehicle eliminating any flexing which greatly improves feel and handling.

Solid Aluminum Subframe Bushing Kit Features:

  • Noticeable reduction of lag under launching/shifting
  • Zero subframe movement under extreme cornering
  • CNC machined from 6061-T6 aerospace aluminum
  • Wider footprint allows wider weight distribution/torsional rigidity
  • Will not compress, crack or separate like rubber bushings - A must for aggressive or track driven vehicles
  • Chamfered edges allows easy installation
  • Retains factory lip for removal
  • Includes OEM fasteners for complete worry free-installation

Solid Aluminum Subframe Bushing Kit Contents:

  • (4) Solid Aluminum Subframe Bushings
  • (4) OEM BMW Subframe Bolts

NOTE: Professional installation is recommended.

Models Supported:

2011 E82 1M
2008-BMW E9X M3

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