Macht Schnell E9X M3 / E82 1M Solid Aluminum Subframe Bushing Kit

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BMW has been mounting the front subframe directly to the chassis for over 3 decades, and has finally made the move to a rigidly mounted rear subframe on the F82 M4. The Macht Schell aluminum bushing kit aims to update the E9x M3 by eliminating one of the biggest sources of unwanted movement in the M3’s suspension, further transforming the M3 into the Ultimate Driving Machine. The rubber subframe bushings installed in the E9x M3 from the factory are soft, and yield under acceleration, cornering, and braking resulting in ever-changing suspension geometry and alignment specs. Macht Schnell’s aluminum bushing kit will breathe new life into aging E9x M3s, rigidly affixing the car’s rear subframe and differential to the chassis. By limiting the movement of both the car’s subframe and differential, these solid bushings will give the rear of the car a tremendously planted and confident feel, both in cornering and in full throttle acceleration.

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