Macht Schnell E9X M3 Performance Air Filter

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  • Direct replacement for your original equipment filter panel
  • Washable/reusable cotton gauze which allows more airflow
  • Eliminates the charcoal-impregnated lining found in OEM filters better airflow
  • Sturdy sidewall construction ensures filter will last the life of the vehicle
  • Tight leak proof seal with your factory air box
  • Deepest multi-layered pleats increase air flow and maintain critical protection levels, while still providing maximum air delivery 
  • Maintains OEM filter\'s 99% debris collection efficiency to meet ISO 5011 standards 
  • Maintains BMW engineered pressurized air box and OEM appearance


Models Supported:

2008+ E9X M3

*MY2010+ and all Euro models require Macht Schnell Air Filter Adapter


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