KW Suspensions F8X M3 / M4 Coilover Kit - DDC Plug & Play

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F8x M3 / M4 drivers have long been waiting for a coilover solution that integrates the Electronic Dampening Control (EDC). 

KW developed the next generation of our adaptive KW DDC plug&play coilover kits. The new DDC coilovers have a new DDC valve technology and are compatible with numerous standard suspension controls.

The complete suspension control system of the adaptive KW coilovers works via the BMW series sensor system and this also controls the KW valves. Even with our DDC coilover kit, the driver can switch between the individual driving modes with the serial button.

The sensors, for example, adapt the suspension adjustment in comfort mode within one hundredth of a second to the respective driving situation. When accelerating during overtaking maneuvers or on the highway acceleration lane, also the damper adjustment gets more direct. This happens so fast and harmonious that you will hardly notice it in everyday life.

The adjustment of the lowering at the adaptive KW DDC plug&play coilovers is made via the dirt-resistant KW trapezoidal thread on the stainless steel strut and the rear axle height adjustment. The approved range allows a continuous lowering of 15 to 40 mm on both axles for the M4 coupé (F82) and M3 sedan (F80).

When retrofitting, the series struts and dampers only have to be replaced by the KW components and the KW DDC plugs must be connected to the original plugs. The serial sensor system recognizes the adaptive KW dampers.



2015-2018 BMW M3 (F80) incl. CS; with Electronic Damper Control
2015-2020 BMW M4 (F82) Coupe; with Electronic Damper Control

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